Battleborn on

Hey folks!

I wandered over to today and noticed that, while Battleborn is indeed listed there as an upcoming game, the hype meter needs more votes to be displayed and there were no comments on it yet. That site has over 3 million members (pretty sure there’s a bunch of inactive accounts in there but, still…) and gets a good amount of traffic daily. I know a lot of you raised some concerns regarding the current lack of exposure Battleborn is getting and I figured we could give marketing a hand by getting it out there.

The mmorpg website would be a nice start, so I say we go over there and get that hype train (and hyper meter) goin’! Don’t abuse the system though, they’ll just reset the meter and ban offenders. Just go over there and leave an honest rating/comment!

If you know of other similar websites where BB needs some lovin’, post 'em here! :smiley:

Woooo! HiveLeader finally made a First Impression video on Battleborn! I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed he would for a while now, really like his videos.

And he’s totally not bitter, you guys!