Battleborn on reddit - let's help it come alive :)

reddit is certainly known to most of you - sadly the subreddit for Battleborn is kinda inactive. There’s a good chance even non-BL-players would take a glance at battleborn, so visit & contribute:

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Why not encourage the Reddit people to come here instead? This place was made to talk about Battleborn, and the developers post here.


Agree with @TigerShard. Plus, it’s much prettier here.


Agreed. This forum is Battleborn-centric, the devs are here, and reddit is full of ■■■■■■■■.

Source: am reddit ■■■■■■■.

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C’mon over, Battleborn Reddit peeps! :smiley:

Especially if you want to be chosen for the closed technical test, right?

They’ll need to come here to chat in the closed technical forums anyway, and if they have a shift account they can already participate here. No reason not to!

Not me. By the Hammer of Lou Rawls what is Reddit?

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This one is still pure, let us pray he stays that way.

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Thing is, there is a way higher possibility of ‘foreigners’ taking interest if the reddit channel gets some content and posts, thus the community could grow. Once they discovered battleborn they will ofcourse come to the official site. First steps first, yarr?

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If Gearbox worried about people taking interest, I would suggest updating the website.
We have so much new info, but the official website still looks like a barren field.
4 revealed characters, info about the gamemodes, info about the loot system, … People can find that stuff in the Interviews, but someone who wants quick info what this game is about, to decide if he wants to see more, doesn’t invest the time to watch 5 interviews.

@Jythri I’d even add the info myself, if I could. I know you guys are short on time, but the amount of “uncategorized” info is getting kinda big. In case the web-dudes in your team have nothing to do, make them talk to me. Pretty unlikely because of your deadlines, but who knows. I thought about this for quite a while.
PS: Sry for seemingly spamming you, but you’re the only BB dev on the forum.

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That’s a valid request, @TheFunfighter , yet the two don’t exclude each other :smile:


@TheFunfighter: I’ll pass that along for you for sure.

This is a good point, by making the first play community channeled to their own forums, they will be able to have a much more accurate gauge on their audience while fostering the community in their own already established environment. This is very distinct from League of Lengends which’s community center is much more found outside of their own forums (and more on reddit) and is often only indirectly communicating with developers.

The only possible downside would be if they utilize their control over the forums to censor users and opinions, but by the looks of things here and Gearbox’s public reputation, that does not seem like the case.

aaand up with this, the subreddit is quite alive at the moment, but more never harms :smile:

we were even a trending sub, so continue the good work :slight_smile:

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I am starting to think your a cat (poor grammar, lack of punctuation, obsessive focus on cats) that happened to learn how to use a computer…gamercat, is that you?