Battleborn Open Beta News: Ranked Matchmaking Test is Coming to PC!

You asked for it, and we’re happy to announce we’re bringing it! Ranked matchmaking is coming to the PC VERSION of the Battleborn open beta. Beginning in a few moments, you’ll see a new option when you click on Versus Public, there will be a new “Ranked” option you can select. By choosing ranked play, your matches will be scored on an ELO rating system and you’ll be providing invaluable data and feedback into how Battleborn’s ranked play will be structured when the game is live on May 3rd. Ranked matches will be decided by team vote on which mode, Meltdown or Incursion, is played.

All players in the ranked queue will start at the same ELO rating. As you participate in more matches and your ELO rating either rises or lowers, you’ll be put in future PvP matches with players that are closer to your own personal skill level. What this means is that you’ll be more consistently matched against players that are your speed, resulting in more competitive matches and a more even skill level throughout.

Simply by playing in ranked matches, you’ll be providing important data that will be used to help balance Battleborn’s PvP and keep it fun for all. In addition to that, we welcome your feedback on this new feature in our forums. Tell us your thoughts, and let us know what you think about our new ranked play feature!

Console players fear not -- the intent is not to keep this a "PC only feature", but merely to begin our testing there. We'll disclose more info on the console side when appropriate.

Thanks in advance for your help in testing this important feature of the Battleborn Open Beta!


With there only being a few days left of the Open Beta, as a PS4 player, I am wondering if console will see this implemented before the Beta is done? Thank you for the response!

I know in a post you stated “Unfortunately, the nature of patching is such that it doesn’t make sense to deploy a full update on the beta build. Like I said though, it’ll back for launch!” referring to the disabled gear but any hope on a fix for the inability to change loadouts server side bug?

Awesome! What game mode is it (or can you pick)? Will ranked incursion and ranked meltdown be separate? I personally would prefer to only play meltdown.

Also is it soloqueue (everyone must enter on there own) or will you have solo players competing against pre-made teams?

That’s awesome! Thanks guys

I hope when actual one goes live, there will be restriction to the ranked play like “above level 10 command level” and so on.

Just queued into a game against some decent command level so they have a general idea on what to do. My side was a bunch of level 1 to 4 very new players. I don’t think you can get much of a data if the players don’t even know what they’re doing and proceed to rage and leave as if it was a quick game instead of a serious rank mode. It becomes a “How many level 1 to 5 are in your team?” type of queue fest where my opponents are leaving the matchmaking the moment they see a bunch of low levels on their side.

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Ranked matches will be decided by team vote? I assume that means both your team, and the opposing team as well? In that case I feel like you should be able to pick ranked-incursion AND ranked-meltdown instead of the vote. With a full team you would pretty much always vote as one, leading to a bunch of ties and a random pick, or a clear winner. I guess why NOT have the option to choose which type before matchmaking?

tremendous idea. just to echo what the other gentleman said, there definitely needs to be one list for incursion and one list for meltdown. i assume that is what you guys will do in the full version. either way, this is a huge step in the right direction. that way the normal playlists can remain somewhat casual and not be skill based. it literally ruins games. not trying to insult other forum users, but it is REALLY easy for them to argue how fun it is to play people at your skill level all day, and how fair it is, but they have also never been top ten pct in the world in any game statistically. as someone who is currently, it sucks. i love a good sweaty match, but i love it when it is at the time and place of my choosing, not every single game. if i want to sweat, ill choose ranked. thank you

While a voting can lead to premade dominance, having two different que systems can also be damaging. I think a compromise is best; one single que for ranked matchs and it ranomly decides. The problem with multiple que systems is that it splits the observable game population causing longer ques and more of “this game is dieing” threads. While not an issue (hopefully) at launch its something that i worry about.

Just to reassure everyone, this is just a test of the systems we have in place and a way to correlate those to the best user experience possible.

We’ve had conversations about all the things you guys mention above, actually (IS MY OFFICE BUGGED??) :wink:

Step one is just getting everyone in game as much as possible over this weekend and then we’ll go from there.

Thank you all so much for this feedback. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful your opinions on this are. Please keep them coming!

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First I would like to say that I am loving this game! You guys have done a great job making an unique game that has a lot of depth. Keep up the great work!

Second, thanks for putting in Ranked play. I personal put a thread asking for this and it is awesome to see that you guys listen to your players! That is what keeps us coming back to play!

Now for the constructive criticism. I feel like there should be a gate to get into Ranked play when the game releases. I know this is just a test so I understand opening it up. I have had some matches were I was on a team were I could tell everyone knew how the game modes should be played and the importance of team fights. I also have had matches were I could tell the other team knew what was going on and I had players who it was their first time playing a match. I mean I am all about helping others players learn the game and be better. I just don’t think a Ranked match should be the place were you are teaching someone what you get crystals for and how you use them. A Ranked matched should be more about learning/teaching about how to play the characters, and not about teaching someone the basics of the game modes.

I know I am probably sounding “elitist” right now but I am not trying to be that. I just think Ranked should be for more competitive minded players who have put the time to learn the game and now are ready to test out their skill. I think put a gate of Command Rank 15 or something on it so that way people have put enough time in the game that they should know how to play it. Even if they got to CR 15 through story mode they should still know the game. Another thing would be that you have to play a set number of Non Ranked matches before you can play Ranked. You don’t have to win a certain amount just play a certain number of games so you understand the game modes.

I think you guys are doing a great job and I can’t wait for the game to launch! Thanks for an amazing game!

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If there’s gonna be a ranked system can you implement a solo queue for the solo players and the dynamic/group players can play with other dynamic group players.
Also in the rank system are you guys gonna make a tier system like league/dota/smite?
Also you guy should make it were you have to be command rank 30 and played at least 10 games or incursion/meltdown to be able to play ranked since you can gain level just from pve.
Also I dont like the idea that you have to vote for a map to play because I for one dont like meltdown, I feel like incursion is the Main map and the better one.