Battleborn Open Beta: Ranked Matchmaking Test is Coming To PC!

You asked for it, and we’re happy to announce we’re bringing it! Ranked Matchmaking Testing is coming to the PC VERSION of the Battleborn open beta. Beginning in a few moments, you’ll see a new option when you click on Versus Public, there will be a new “Ranked” option you can select. By choosing ranked play, your matches will be scored on an ELO rating system and you’ll be providing invaluable data and feedback into how Battleborn’s ranked play will be structured when the game is live on May 3rd. Ranked matches will be decided by team vote on which mode, Meltdown or Incursion, is played.

All players in the ranked queue will start at the same ELO rating. As you participate in more matches and your ELO rating either rises or lowers, you’ll be put in future PvP matches with players that are closer to your own personal skill level. What this means is that you’ll be more consistently matched against players that are your speed, resulting in more competitive matches and a more even skill level throughout.

Simply by playing in ranked matches, you’ll be providing important data that will be used to help balance Battleborn’s PvP and keep it fun for all. In addition to that, we welcome your feedback on this new feature in our forums. Tell us your thoughts, and let us know what you think about our new ranked play feature!

Console players fear not – the intent is not to keep this a “PC only feature”, but merely to begin our testing there. We’ll disclose more info on the console side when appropriate.

Thanks in advance for your help in testing this important feature of the Battleborn Open Beta!

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Will console get a role call option similar to how Smite has done it on console?

Problem with everyone starting fresh is that there is no level restriction,so being level 29 I get put with team mates that are level 1 which very effectively discourages me from playing any more ranked matches(since the opposing team had levels 10-14).

Please consider level restrictions so that players who want to play competitively play with a team that actually knows what’s going on and what to do.

I also hope the ELO system isn’t based simply on WLR, because having 40 points when your team has a TOTAL of 20 should be rewarded rather than punished.

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It’s a test. If you want a system that works well, they need you to try it out. When the game launches, everyone will start at the same level, so this won’t be an issue. They could always put a modest command rank requirement on it, though, to make sure people have the basics down.

People who played the beta and have experience with the game will still be teamed with people who think it’s a brilliant idea to learn the game in a hardcore competitive mode,so no, it will still be an issue, because level doesn’t matter as much as actual experience.

If they want to try it out they should understand that letting totally green players in a competitive mode is simply a bad move- what data will they actually get from this? Imagine a team of 3-5 experienced players doing a nightly run of 20-30 games, simply roflstomping every team they face.

I’ve been playing games for over 20 years and I KNOW matchmaking systems simply don’t work as intended,EVER, because of false data acquired due to bad decisions such as letting inexperienced players challenge a demanding mode.

Hence I call for the rank requirement. If anything, it at least gives a small hope that your team knows the basics as well as character mechanics. Ranked modes are supposed to be serious, so that the players who strategize and use their characters well are rewarded with wins and losses are due to bad decision making or being outplayed, not due to suddenly realizing that your support char. team-mate charges into groups of five “because I have my awesome healing ult(that I had no idea could be easily destroyed)”

Facing “ELO hell” from the very beginning because some brain-dead idiot thinks it’s a good idea to learn the game in a PvP competitive mode is just awful.

What I propose is absolutely not going to happen, but I believe that for ranked mode there not only should be a rank requirement of at least 20(which is still low) but also a CHARACTER rank requirement of at least 5.(what if someone already picked my character you ask?simple- implement a “default” character option so that he’s picked automatically, plus a simple cross-out of: x rank 5 characters - x rank 5 characters with people with less rank 5 characters given priority over their default choice.)

In other words “if you want to play in the big leagues you have to work for it so we know you’re up for it.”

Honestly, ranked is filled with more level 1s and afk players than the other game modes… perhaps adding a level requirement somewhere between level 5 and 10 would solve some of the immaturity that the mode seems to be -unusually- possessing.

EDIT: Also, there is currently no way to see ranking? Some meathod to eventually be added would be preferable.

Do we get a ranking after x amount of games?