Battleborn OST is awesome

Hi everyone,

I’m more a PvP player and that menu music is kinda irritating me, because I heard it so many times… Like the character menu music too… Good stuff but getting anoying. And I tried a lot of story missions…

And the music is great ! It really helps getting into the story.

Intro and Closing themes on all maps are also fantastic.

What do you think ? What’s your favorite story mission tune ?


My favorite sound track in BB has got to be incursion: monuments. Every time I play that map I turn up the volume.

I don’t have a favorite mission sound track but if I could just listen to monuments the entire time I’d be happy.


Yeah, you’re damn right ! Monuments is my favorite too.

And I forgot to talk about ending themes on PvP battles, when last sentry is down at 10 or when it’s down to three minutes game time. They’re great.


Yeah, the starting and ending theme of Meltdown, Paradise is also great. The soundtrack overall is really nice, but sometimes I wish they kept the CTT tracks and repurposed them.

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Monuments <3

Huge gg to the guy who uploaded that


The music in Friendship Raid is pretty great. I don’t notice the score in games now as much as I did with older (I mean like classic) games. It’s a lot more like movie scores these days, I know they’re there but I don’t really notice them. Like Borderlands has good music, but I couldn’t hum few bars if you asked me to.

So yeah, Friendship Raid is the first music I’ve noticed in a game in a long time. Though I probably couldn’t hum that either, it’s more of a nice atmospheric electronic sort of music…

I’m going to stop rambling now.


God… Found my favorite !



Outskirts has my very favourite soundtrack too! Thanks for posting the videolink :heart:
Also all faster tracks of the Friendship Raid, I listen to the DLCs OST alot when I work.

i lovevthe music in this game too. i love outskirts because of the starting game music. i also love tobys ops music.

someones uploaded an ‘ost’ of most of the tracks from the vanilla game and theres some great stuff in there you only hear when you run specific missions.

Wow, never heard the end of Monuments intro before !

But closing theme is still better :slight_smile:


Where did you find the DLC soundtracks? I haven’t seen them on YouTube, or anywhere else for that matter.

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I listen the OST on Soundcloud - Raison Varner uploaded his works there and luckily he posted a link a few weeks back :heart:

Direct link ->

Can only recommend his channel!


Or this guy, nice playlist he has with Battleborn intro and closing themes from PvP.

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This topic reminds me to “adjust” some of my Battleborn playliost tracks, in hurry to upload those as fast as possible I screw matching some parts on Monuments and Overgrowth.

The only track that is memorable to me in any way is the theme on the Main Menu. The calm seriousness of it betrays the potential goofiness that lies behind each of the characters’ personalities.

Anything else is almost background noise that doesn’t warrant enough of my attention to admire. There isn’t a single track that has made my imagination fly. I don’t picture any badass scenes or intense hot-blooded fights you typically see in an anime or manga. My emotions do not fluctuate in any fashion based on the track that is played. The Friendship Raid only offers me annoyance as the music constantly reminds me that I’m not enjoying running through massive hallways with NOTHING interesting (not even sufficient amount of enemies to populate the big empty space) to look for or do.

I don’t grasp what is so awesome about Battleborn’s soundtrack; all it seems to do is to be a better replacement than white noise.

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Humor or Hate, I don’t know what to pick.

I agree. Apparently the lead producer had many more plans but had to cut a lot. So did Jythri. More credence to the released too early because of 2K theory


Indeed, amazing music in this game