Battleborn patching policies

Patch PC first and often. Roll hot fixes quickly and be responsive. Aim for WEEKLY adjustments. You also need to be over on Steam with news and updates (it’s getting kind ugly over there), since that’s your DRM platform that all the PC players pass through.

Collect the PC hot fixes and bundle them for Console Cert. Do NOT be EA about this and keep PC in lock step with consoles.

This does several things.

  1. It shows that you (Gearbox) are actually working on fixing problems.
  2. Underlying balance and mechanics issues can be caught and fixed before running them through the expensive console cert process.
  3. PC players are happy because the game is getting fixed quickly.
  4. Console players are happy because the fixes they get post cert have already been play tested (by the PC player base), and they’re less likely to end up stuck with something absolutely broken for another week or month (depending on cert times)

Take a look at how Digital Extremes has been managing Warframe since it launched to console. A developer working with their PC player base correctly.

You can roll us smaller fixes faster then you can to consoles. It is insane not to take advantage of your willing “paying testes”, also known as customers.

Test Galilea changes on us. Get our feedback. See what tweaks work and don’t work on Sabotage. If you get those things “right” with us, then you only need one pass through Console Cert to get it right for Xbox One and PS4 players, instead of 3 or 4 passes.


very reasonably written, Apple!

I fully agree. even games that are PC only sometimes leave us with way too long cycles between fixes and patches.

I have no problem that some of the fixes would potentially create new problems, it’s still better than be ‘left in the dark’ for weeks.

Adopt Scrum, invest in CI (Continuous Integration) and CR (Continuous Release), deliver what you can every 2 weeks, and stay agile. =)