Battleborn PC Ideas

  1. This game needs a Demo. A lot of players may have missed the beta, it was only a few days. I think if more players had a chance to play this game it would generate a lot of sales. It could be just like the beta, a few single player maps, access to one multiplayer playlist, and a very limited character roster with limited gear rewards. Also this could improve matchmaking in said playlist if the playerbase was bolstered.

  2. Sending a discount code to everyone who owns the game to give to their friends for 10 -20% off the game.

It’s too late now but I think gearbox should have been more aggressive with their marketing and released this game for 40$ to match Overwatch, referring specifically to PC. I am not saying that their isn’t 60$ worth of content. I also realize these are very different games but I don’t think that matters as that perception seems to be held by a lot of people.

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Your first suggestion is definitely a good one. The second one, seems to generous.

A demo would be great though. How many Paid MOBAS have taken off? I don’t follow the scene much, but wasn’t there one in like 2008 or 2009 that tried to go the B2P MOBA route and failed? What are other examples of MOBAS that cost and have succeeded? I can only recall F2P ones.

  • Ah, Demigod - that was it. Man, that game had some hype behind it too.

Oddly enough, it’s review quotes I just googled, match Battleborn:

If you’re interested in throwing down cash for a beta and maybe getting
in some practice before things get smoothed out, go ahead and bump that
score up a letter grade. Anybody else should find something else to do
until then. You’d best wait a while for the developers to get things
working before you dive into Demigod.

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Unless I’m mistaken Gearbox was explicit that this game was in fact not a MOBA, but had MOBA elements. I was surprised to see it tagged as a MOBA on the steam page. I don’t play MOBA’s so I can’t weigh in too much, but it feels like a shooter to me, even the melee characters, being locked in first person, has a fps feel to it more than an action game feel. It also kind of astounds me that some people think this game should be free in spite of its visuals because they associate the game with MOBA.

Gearbox did some terrible marketing on this game.

This community confuses the hell out of me though. First it’s a MOBA, then it’s not a MOBA. Gearbox indeed not market it as a MOBA< but the game is heavily MOBA, and this is the problem, I think.

People going in, at least pre-launch, had no idea what the multiplayer gameplay was like. Every video GBX released was of the Singleplayer campaign. Yet it releases with some challenge missions, no real singleplayer, and then some MOBA modes. So people bought it for a SHooter, got a MOBA - and stopped playing.

That’s interesting. I also agree with the marketing. Until I happened to play the beta, not one screenshot or video about this game since it was announced generated any interest in me. It is a beautiful game, just not immediately so. There’s no cohesion between the characters, they are all over the place, its hard to get a feel for the game going in. For the most part I love the variety now that I have sunk a bunch of time into it.