Battleborn Pc long queue rewards

So ‘queue rewards’ for battleborn pvp matches (bots/5vs5) on pc -----good idea or bad idea?

As I am on bots queue for a good couple hours now with the number of players in queue shifting from 1-3 ; I only can wonder -“What is keeping people in queue for public pvp on pc?”

Well here the list I could come up with;

  • Its style - for fans of the borderlands series it is soothing because it has the same flare and character

  • Unlocking cool characters - you can not fault gearbox for the varied character and play styles that are so easy to fall in love with.

  • Finding new people to play with- Playing with people who are queued for the same thing - it is so much easier to hold conversations when you hold interests

As for against - The problem you can do all the above points and more in pve ( no surprise after all this the maker of the borderlands series)
I don’t think I have to recite the other issues with Battleborn on Pc …especially for “free trial players”

The gist of the issue is

  • is if you don’t have a long list of people to play Battleborn with —you are in a queue for a unknown amount of time that does not even guarantee a match.

  • optimization issues ( a lot less than from launch- but still jarring to a unprepared greenhorn)

As for the issues with the “free trial player” system

Let’s start with “private matches” issues
"Free trial players’ have access to a small amount of options --this is fair as "free trial players’ have not paid
The problem is that this limit is applied to all lobbies that the "Free trial player’ is in --**Even if that "Free trial player’ is the only one “Free trial ’ in a lobby of ten people ** —(This defeats the whole point of having the “free trial players system”) If the host wants to play a option that is blocked by the"free trial player” they have to boot the "free trial player’ ( it’s happened to me several times)
This blanket limit does not build community with “free trial players” – it shows them how ill prepared Battleborn is for the “free trial player”

Public queue issues

  • The "Estimated wait: shot /long " tag —The issue with this part of the UI is that is does directly correspond with the number of people in queue. Numerous times when I selected “Quick Match”/“Bots Battle” when the “Estimated wait” said “Short” —I was placed into 1/5 lobby. This “Estimated wait” piece of info presented **does not benefit ** the player morale ( maybe putting a actual number of people in queue will be better

  • The harsh requirements for ai to be put into play in public queue–The only time ai players are deployed in Battleborn “Public Queue” is when all players load into the character/loadout/shader select menu ( after waiting in queue for a full team to form up - and after voting on a map) ------this is ridiculous. The number of times when people left when the lobby was voting on a map is very large (does not matter if it was a software issue or by player choice) =>you are then locked out of the character select menu and are loaded into the game and are then unceremoniously booted back into waiting queue (after waiting in queue)----just deploy a ai into the vacating players spot----it stops the demoralization of players and solves so many headaches

  • No rewards for waiting in queue -----Sure the gaming market has put the dunce hat on Battleborn => but why has gearbox left dedicated pvp players and “free trial” in dust?------------when there are so many rewards available that could be offered (character skins/in game currency/ exp buff etc etc.) Why are not players offered rewards for waiting in queue (20 minutes-6 hours) - thus people could actually wait in queue while feeling fine (even enjoying) for waiting

So to summarize the simple fixes to Battleborn Pvp

  • players in queue are able to see other people steam tags ( to stop the “2/5 and want to do a private match but can’t cause don’t know what the others steam id is”)

  • when a “free trial” player (s) joins a lobby - when the majority (6/10 and higher) are payed players=> the blanket option limit is removed

  • If a player is in queue for more than thirty minutes and they are alone ( regardless if they are a “free trial player”(this only applies to bot battles) they have the option to go into a bot match with ai

  • If a person is dedicated enough to wait in the “Quick Match” queue for more than then 45 minutes they are able to chose between a lump sum of game currency / a set percentage of unlocking a story machine (say 5 percent)/ or a bot match

  • the requirements for ai to be deployed in public playlists are significantly expanded ( say if a person leaves during the voting for maps they are then immediately filled in by a ai replacement etc.)

This is all of the issues I could think could be fixed with relative ease - these all will ease the harsh environment that the pvp scene is to “free trial” and payed player

if anyone has any more life improvement they have in mind or if others have better ideas for a reward system let me

I am very curious :grin: