Battleborn PC Long queue times for PvP

Ok, so I’m a casual player and newb to the forum and maybe this is answered somewhere I just can’t find it. Anyway, my ability to get into a Battleborn pvp match on PC is severely crippled. I have to wait literally for over 10 minutes at times even more on PC servers. What’s the deal? Nobody playing? It seems to have gotten progressively worse since launch when I first bought it. I play on both Xbox and PC, but with a lot of travel for work lately, I’ve been using my laptop more to play PC version on the road.
Honestly I recently gave in and just bought the other similar PC game by Blizzard, and must say that as a result, I’ve all but given up on Battleborn. I can jump right into maches on Overwatch any time day or night. I really like both games, each has their own unique aspects making them both appealing games to play. But sitting in queue for so long on Battleborn is such a drag that I end up bailing and launching Overwatch just to be able play something. It’s sad really. I’d actually like to recommend Battleborn to my new Overwatch friends but honestly can’t, given that I know none of them would put up with the excessively long queues, and will just bail straight back to Overwatch where you can actually play the game. Can anything be done to help this?

Get more people playing. Queue times are directly connected to population times (And ELO when that’s enabled.)

Could also try to make sure your NAT type is Open, though not sure if that helps any in Battleborn. Changing your Download Region to a more populated areas should also help, NA seems to have the most people playing. EU has ppl too. Though your ping might vary.

Do also sometimes leave queue and then re-enter if you’ve been waiting for 5+ minutes, it seems to get “stuck” sometimes. (If people return to queue from a match in a 4 man premade, and you’re in a random team with 3 people, none of you will get automatically matched with that 4 man, it seems)

PC Battleborn isn’t really good to queue in unless you have a full team or get lucky and are the 5th of another pre-made

I saw the PC numbers today jump above 300 today and yesterday but the problem is this crappy match-making makes it so it takes forever to get into a game.

Too bad the devs don’t care about the PC version of Battleborn or they would of put in a server browser b/c w/ 300 players it would be easy to find people to play with solo instead of having to have a pre-made of 5 just to find games in a reasonable amount of time

They wanted to have all the platforms treated equally. Unfortunately, that lead to its early demise do to a problem that couldve easily been fixed if they updated seperatly (like any sane person would do).