Battleborn pet peeve

Since I’ve been back, the only true pet peeve I have about this game is the fact the knock backs for ranged characters are AWFUL!

The knock backs pushes meelee characters far enough that they can still hit you. Might as well remove the meelee knock back.

No… just no.

In PvE it safes my Bacon more than enough, even if it doesn’t do much knockback.

Little is still better than nothing.

I’d love it if the knockback decrease would vanish again but taking that little away that there is? Don’t like that idea.

Ummm… I’m not really asking to remove the knock back… That would just be silly,

Strange… I started BB with melees, but now I play Marquis I feel his knock-back melee is a bit better than others. Saved my robot-butt quiet alot.

Melees are already at a disadvantage against ranged. If you let them get that close, they should be able to hit you.

That’s because he has a really fast spam on it. Not as powerful anymore because of the nerf to quick melee but it’s still better than a lot of characters.

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Weird, cause I was just playing with marquis, spamming the meelee on phoebe and rath and the still was able to hit me although they got knockedback

There is the mistake - spamming the quick-melee got nerfed in the fashion that this attack has now deminishing returns on its knock-back-effect.

The first quick-melee will knock your enemy back regulary, the second attacks knock-back-effect gets slightly weaker and after the 4-5th time its almost useless. I don´t know the exact numbers though.
So it seems you pushed Phoebe onetime pretty good, but the second and third only pushed her minimal, so she was still in attack-range.

It still makes a bit damage, but won´t knock back your rival out of melee-range anymore if used more than 3 times in a row.
This change came after spamming the quick-melee became a one-tick-pony for some characters, same as Deandes juggling-ability.

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Rath has a longer reach than most melee (and his alt attack has even father range) and Phoebe has her alt-attack for quick movements. Other melee don’t have these tools.

Knocking back Rath or Phoebe won’t get you as much clearance as it would if you were to knock back Attikus.

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This would actually explain a lot.

The knock back was ridiculous before the nerf, it was a needed change

I don’t disagree, I remember it used to be too large of a gap. I just feel now it’s too small of a gap.

Hard to get it just right :), it’s reducing in effect in use too, so each subsequent quick melee is a smaller and smaller gap which I feel is fair to melee’s as otherwise ranged chars are melee’s too…

Marquis has a double knock back with his so they go back farther. Both slaps push people away so it’s good for getting people off your sniper nest

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They Key is to really only use it once and run back. If you are back pedaling just strike them once then make your run for it, it really is not worth trying to hit them more than once with the quick melee.