BattleBorn Photoshop and Photoshopesque Drawing Thread

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Please don’t

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(Velocitas Est Vita) #250

Why is that your answer to everything?

(Penguin connoisseur.) #251

My favorite is still the “Finisci War Song” one…

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… YOLO?

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This is late, but…

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I love it! Now I can go to bed feeling the best I’ve felt all day. Thank you~

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #255

Soooooo. I can´t do photoshop.
I tried, I really did, but it makes me go something something…

But I wanted to contribute to the abstract craziness, so here my traditional take on a Hybrid-Battleborn:

Orendi + Rath =


Oreath in Numbers:

4 Arms.
5 Swords.
1 Badass Jennerit-Hat.
Unlimited amount of Chaos.

Currently coloring it as I upload this^^ Also made some sketches how his attacks might look, I think I´ll open a new topic when I got some more.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #256

That is f*cking AWESOME looking, and i LOVE the chaos swords!

Tagging @blainebrossart1 and @Ashbweh! BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED-


(NOPE) #257

Woah, that is Badass! Another terrifying combo to add to the list of things I hope to never meet but would love to play. Seriously cool concept and drawing.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #258

Thank you, thank you, I´m flattered! xD

So happy you guys like it! :heart:

Chaos-swords FTW. Also I think I´ll change Catalytic Smash so it casts 3-5 Shadowfire Pillars in a row, which also knock up. MUHAHAHAAAA!!!

(Penguin connoisseur.) #259

Ooh, and combine whatever the hell Rath’s other skill is called (Blaine is probably disgusted right now, haha) with paradigm shift. A newer, more badass ultimate must obviously be thought up for Oreath.

(Not-Toby) #260

Well, Crossblade is kinda Paradigm shift reskin.
I’d gladly see Catalytic smash shockwave “built of” Shadow pillars though :wink:

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I rate that image 11/10. Tagging a few other Rath mains to appreciate it’s beauty.

@ZombiePizzaMan @akumakuro4004 @ckgz800873 @VampireNinja

(Magic is everything) #262

Yes. Just. Yes.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #263

Coming from a true Rath master, this really means alot to me!!! :heart:[quote=“HandsomeCam, post:259, topic:1561102”]
Ooh, and combine whatever the hell Rath’s other skill is called

O.o Dreadwind? (Shame, Cam, shame!)

Thought about a graphic change, Dreadwind turns into a huge black chaosstar, grinding foes into a purple paste.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #264

No, crossblade (@zadymek got it); i thought it was crossSLASH, but didn’t feel sure enough to post it and embarrass myself. I’m glad i didn’t…

(The Red Bar Observer) #265

“OooooOooOooo! Hey, hey! Check it! I’m a VAMPIRE!”

“…what in the… oh, no. Please no. What travesty is this?”

“Rath! Raaaath! We’re BUDDIES in the SAME BODY now! Body buddies, body buddies, buddy bodies, boddy biddies!”

“This is a repulsive state of affairs. Chaos magician, I demand you revert us at once.”

“Turn us back? Ooh. I’m gonna think on that one for yoNOPE THIS IS FOREVER”

“Is there no reasoning with you? No appealing to your sense of decency?”

“My what? Hey hey hey I can spin around soooooo fast right now!”

“No! That’s NOT how you Dreadwind! These techniques take patience, refinement, dedication… why am I suddenly hungry for the taste of offal?”

“Cos you got MY BELLY now, boy! Hey! Hey! Let’s go show Reyna! Reeeeeyna!”

“Oh my God. Is that… are you… did you have a transporter accident or something? Don’t tell me I have to beg that creepy Jennerit medic to separate you two.”

“Rest easy, Commander Valeria. After consideration, I have decided that the ability to wield four swords simultaneously makes this an acceptable fate.”

“YAY SWORDS! How much blood do you have? I’m CURIOUS ABOUT THINGS!”

(The MONTANA!!) #266

Done! Was away from home since Sunday, so finally got home where I had internet to do this.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #267

Damn glad to have you back! I was alone for solo/duo queue this Wednesday! Who KNOWS what other Battleplan-wothy ideas we could have thought up! :smirk: