BattleBorn Photoshop and Photoshopesque Drawing Thread

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #126

(Handsome Warrior Poet) #127

Anything for you Ms.Deande I’ll even cook him up for you afterwards

(The Red Bar Observer) #128

In a topic full of monstrosities and abominations, Deande and Foxtrot being lovey-dovey is still the most gag-worthy thing.

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #129

Made it worse

(NOPE) #130

…you actually don’t look all that bad.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #131

Oh, Great Eagle, yes. YES. YES!!

THANK you!

(NOPE) #132

I went shopping in the middle of doing these and I must have looked crazy because I kept laughing. I was all alone without even headphones to have as an excuse. xD So thanks guys.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #133

Haha! I just asked @Deande which one she would prefer to be the PSN chat’s picture!

(The Red Bar Observer) #134

omg I am leaving and never coming back

(NOPE) #135

I’m so dead. xD

But the pasties!

(Penguin connoisseur.) #136

Yep, that one won by default, haha!

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #137

I’m sorry! :cry:

(The Red Bar Observer) #138

I came to this thread just to be helpful and provide the requested Toby/Montana hybrid, and what do I get in return? Mellka crossed with Attikus! Mellka crossed with Montana! Mellka crossed with Benedict deliberately just to make me feel sad! And now insinuations of Mellka x Boldur WHICH IS SOMEHOW EVEN WORSE THAN ALL THESE THINGS COMBINED!

Last time I do anything for you guys I SWEAR

(Penguin connoisseur.) #139

Hey, I didn’t do any of that or suggest it, haha!

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #140

0_o I made my suggestion just to be a smartass, please don’t take my cruelty to heart

(The Red Bar Observer) #141

Don’t play coy with me. You sniggered behind your chubby little flipper the whole time!

I will have my revenge. I will photoshop the ultimate monstrosity and unleash it upon the world. TREMBLE FOOLS, FOR I WILL RETURN

(Penguin connoisseur.) #142


(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #143

Kleese and Mellka?

(The Red Bar Observer) #144


^ the face of someone who doesn’t have to rise to the provocation, because she knows her vengeance is nigh

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #145

Oh don’t worry. I’d never go that far.
Kleatrix has put the fear of the Great Eagle into me about doin’ anything with Kleese.