Battleborn Player Base Rejuvenation

Had random thought on trying to rejuvenate the player base to such a fantastic game that just seemed to have some bad timing. I am not sure what the current sales numbers are but what about the idea of adding this game as a PS+ freebie one month. I think that would have potential to bring a ton of new players in. Since the release of Battleborn, its seems like the exposure and popularity of similar games has risen tremendously. This could bring new players into a fantastic game through the PS+ model.
Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and insights to why this could or would not work. If that was on the horizon I could see an influx of money for maintenance and development through purchase of coins and skins by the new player influx.


Not a PS player, so I don’t fully know how the system works on that platform.

That aside, this should have been attempted much earlier in the game’s life cycle, such as 6 to 7 months in during 2016, when the game still had a reasonable enough population.

For whatever reason, GBX didn’t patch the holes the ship needed to stay afloat quick enough, and Steam players quickly disappeared to their backlog of games in their library. As a PC player, there are plenty of other games for me to play if I’m not enjoying a particular one. I’m not going to spend months upon months waiting around for a meaningful patch when there won’t be anyone left by the time it comes. Battleborn had a lot of mechanical issues, like many games of 2016, and it could not afford to fix them slower than their competition, primarily Overwatch.

I’m going to skip a lot further ahead on the timeline, but from my perspective Battleborn did not employ many short term tactics to keep their shrinking player base engaged. It’s similar to the current Anthem situation where people want increased loot drops to keep them engaged with their chasing. Anything to keep people playing and focused, but for Bioware it’s more important to keep their vision of rate of loot drop is implemented than keeping their players happy. Likewise, with GBX not using many or enough short term strategies, that also fails to inspire anything long term. You’re not going to convince me something grand is on its way when people are taking out their pistols and blowing off their own kneecaps.

Eventually, in mid or late 2017, Battleborn ceases updates and instills a skeleton crew for maintenance. GBX bids farewell to Battleborn as everyone moves onto the new project, which is very likely to be Borderlands 3. If you didn’t flee for the hills before, you’re definitely going to start pouring gasoline before lighting the match. Battleborn had finally sunk and the lifejackets were punctured. Trying to convince anyone to play when it was public knowledge that the developers moved on much earlier than they wanted to due to it being unsuccessful is hardly easy.

If Battleborn was released in late 2018 or early 2019, I could imagine it doing a lot better -given we have gems like Fallout 76 and Anthem always finding new ways to take dumps on the bed. At least Battleborn didn’t make your PS4 hard crash. Ultimately, it’s simply too late. People have moved on ages ago. I just finished playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 and going to Fate Extella or God Eater or Monster Hunter World. There are so many games for me to play and too little time for it, thus I’m not going to be bother returning to a 2016 game that only have 100 or less players active on Steam.

I never thought of that. I think that would be great. I know they got some content that wasn’t added yet after ceasing their last updates. Maybe the free PlayStation month would help to get the new generation going.

I think the only problem with the game right now is no new content and small player count where you’re usually facing the same players, which can get annoying sometimes. That’s why I took a break from Battleborn and try other games. I’m always welcomed to private matches as long as the community is interested and the servers are running. I still wish they fixed some of the server issues like the load times after finishing a match.

I was waiting for Battleborn day on March but I don’t see any announcements on it for 2019. I was saving up for Legendary packs. I forgot which day it was last year for Battleborn day. :thinking: