Battleborn player initialization failed for all platforms

Ok. So there has been a issue for both PC , PS4 and I believe X-box one; this issue is when on one can go pass the title screen of the game. The reason why it’s having this error is because it believes that we are not connected to some form of wi-fi. This issue was the same thing for people who tried to play the open beta myself included. I have reset my PC reinstall the game twice and I can’t get pass the titled screen after I bought it a day after release.

Now I’m going to rant on how bs this is. I’m so mad at this point that I’m about to refund my game. I mean really gearbox, I understand that it’s a new pi and there will be problems but there are pages after pages on this website about a month ago saying the same issue that is happening cross platforms right now. Gearbox I love you people I really do Borderlands 2 was a great game I bought all the dlc and played countless hours of it but really? We got battleborn over borderlands 3. A game that I bought and can’t even play with God knows how many other people having the same issue. I’m just mad right now, if the error is not fix with in a week and a half I’m going to refund it. I’m sorry to say but I’m not going to pay a $60 game I can’t even play when I can buy something else. Just think about the people who are having the same issue and pre-order the game, I don’t think they can refund it on steam since you have a time spand of two weeks. Gearbox please fix it I really want to love this game I just need to get pass the title screen to play it.



I really love the style gearbox has & enjoyed hours of borderlands2…

so I’m very disappointed too, and no word from gearbox, very sad :frowning:

I’m really thinking about refunding it too…

I’m having this issue on PC. It worked fine for the first day but now I can’t login at all.

This is the error message I keep getting:

‘Player Initialization Failed. The Battleborn server has reported an internal time out error. Please check your network connection and try again’.

Clearly my connection is fine as I’m posting this message here…so?

I read some other posts on how to try and fix the issue such as opening certain ports, resetting router, reinstalling game … etc… but honestly with Overwatch, Uncharted 4 and other good games coming out soon I really doubt people are going to bother with all that ‘work’ just to get the game running.

They will just dump this game for something else so I really think this needs a priority fix.

+1 and not a single word from GBX [SOLVED] Player initialization failed on PC - Steam version :frowning:

I’m on ps4 and had this issue last night and again right now :frowning: really disappointing

Update to mine: I was able to get into the game for about an hour from 7pm AEST (I made no changes to my setup).

But now I’m back to the time out error. This suggests the problem is simply server congestion during normal hours in the US and those outside of it won’t be able to connect before it times out.

Steam shows there are about 6,000 in game and it’s around that number when I have no chance of connecting and playing the game.

I finally managed to isolate my problem further, so I share it with you here.

initial problem:

Everytime I try to start the prologue the game will search a server and reserves a place for it. One second after connecting, the connection got lost and back to main screen. Never managed to get further.

in-game it states: NAT: moderat (1.0.1)

my setup: cable modem (from provider) -> router (FRITZ!Box 3272) -> Windows 10 PC

sidenote: never had any problems with games and connection, except battleborn

so what I tried is:
I put my pc as a exposed host in my router (aka DMZ), so the whole traffic from the internet goes to my pc. Further I deactivated windows firewall. So my pc is completely open & exposed to the internet accepting - theoretically - every traffic.
what happend? nothing! still the same problem…

so next I tried this: I directly put my pc to the cable modem, getting the IP directly from the provider. Now even with windows firewall activated.
and now?

It worked!

Somehow I should be happy now, but who can nowadays live without a router doing alle the DHCP/NAT things? :wink:

So on my side - and perhaps this could be the case for some people too:
the router “FRITZ!Box 3272” seems to be part of the problem.

Remember: I even configured my pc as exposed host (+ UPnP active, but doesnt matter in this case), but still somehow the router blocks traffic or get lost.

Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

Anyone having connection issues using a FRITZ!Box (3272) too? or any other wifi router?

Great that you got it working, but honestly, no one should be expected to expose or isolate their computer in that way just to get ONE game to work.

of course! thats why I’m already back to prior configuration :wink:

sad that’s happening with Fritzbox, which normally is a very good router… (and I really like it)

my brother has my old cheap router and keeps playing without any problems (same provider, even the same street)
(he only has UPnP active, no manual port-forwading whatever, nat too on moderate 1.0.1)

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Just going by what you stated there I tried something else… I just switched out my routers to a very VERY old one I had lying around from years ago.

It works… I can now connect to the game even during high traffic… The old modem I’m using has very poor security so I won’t be sticking with it but hopefully someone from gearbox will see this and can figure out why old network hardware is working and new stuff isn’t.

I just tried the same: with another, older, router it works without any problems too… didn’t take any configurations, just works… :frowning:

already sent a ticket yesterday and sent them an email today. They told me, they’re working on it:

Thank you very much for that important information […] we’ve
been able to collect enough information about this issue to notify the
development team, and they are currently working towards a solution.
Unfortunately, Rendain is preventing us from having visibility on their progress and
we are currently awaiting news regarding a resolution to the issues

at least we know now they’re aware of it & and working on it :slight_smile:

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Ya. At least they know.