Battleborn playerbase

Anyone els tired of waiting to find a game for half an hour or so yeah me to so does anyone have any idea on how to increase the player base because in all honesty its just sad i often think of just putting the game away forever sometimes just because how drawn out it can feel besides i already put it down for about 3 months and now im trying it again and it just feels bad then when i do get into a game guess what we lose because my team gets mad leaves the game and then never joins back yeah fun game i enjoyed it (sarcasm intinsifies)

You are more likely playing BB on pc. I’m sure someone will link you the discord site where pc players gather to do pve/pvp.

Console version specially Xbox1 have a healthy population for both pve and pvp.

@mat_harly here is the discord link. You have to message the staff to get into the pc chat.
You have 23 hours till it doesn’t work.

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but i do play on console

what country?

U.S.A but idk i think i might just delete the game again because in all honesty the game i was just in shows just how broken some characters are it was just to broken


? what do you mean by troll

Oh I was wondering if you were trolling? I looked at your other posts and I don’t think you are. What console are you on. What times you been playing etc…

Are you playing pvp or pve?

I’m Xbox and I have never waited more than 5 min for a match, any match since launch. That’s not saying we can’t use more players though. I see a lot of familar tags. Since the update the queues seem even faster, plus a lot of newer low CR people.


im on pvp and i play on xbox also the time i try to play is around 3 to around 6 or 8 depending

6Pm I assume.

Okay dude it sounds like you might have some technical issues. One of the gearbox Devs came and explained how matchmaking works now and it’s literally impossible for you to be waiting 30 mins for a game. I’d try reinstalling it or check your ports on your router.

My buddy stoped playing battleborn because he had to wait about 1 hour 47 minutes just to find a match but he plays on ps4 idk how bad it is over there. also i have nat type 1 and i reset my router about once a week or so just to make sure i get the best internet

Not long times at all. Usually less than 5 mins. What timezone are you in? Might affect play times

Yeah I hear the ps4 community isnt the best but I’ve been playing on xbox since day 1 and it’s never been too bad. Waited 15 minutes 1 time ever. (Don’t try and play 9am uk).

Add me on xbox and let’s join a match together see what we can do. I might be able to help you with balancing too

I untinstalled the game just now i think im going to give it a bit to balance out some of the characters like gallila because i just had a match and well yeah im kinda titled because its just stun and instakill so ima wait a bit untill they fix some of the heros untill i play again cuz its kinda annoying me untill then ima just stick to other games

OK dude.

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quick question what do you think of galila anyways cuz i think she needs a rework badly

The only fix I’ve found for those poor souls whom the game decides not to queue properly solo is to team up with at least one other person in queue.

This has been reported by folks since launch and honestly I’ve not had enough information to really dig into what causes it, but I would assume it’s something to do with your internet.

A couple months ago we helped a poor soul who had the weirdest and most reliable rubberbanding. Ended up being something a modem reset fixed iirc.

edit: since i saw some new posts, ive heard from people on every platform with the "i never have to wait more than 5 minutes for a match,’ and 'i never get a match.'
I’ve already mentioned this on discord, but while hyperbole exists, I consider how much I hear it to be some indicator that there’s something behind the scenes with the way bb interacts with peoples internet that causes it and that makes it appear to happen regardless of time or region (eg it happens to US people at peak hours too)

Once you know how she works she is super easy to beat. She has low hp for a tank and no damage reduction.

Sometimes is not galilea per se but composition and a good team behind her. Galilea will try to over extend a bit for a pull-stun, perfect time for yor team to save you. Rath with a knock up, ghalt/shane with a pull, montana/boldur with a stun.

Only time i have troubles fighting galilea is when she has ambra,ernest, kleese and anyone else. But beatrix is fixing this with her ult.

Im on ps4. Avarage time 5 min, odd times 10min, extreme 20min. Only pve have troubles, but i do it alone for max operation points.

Edit: try to use her to find her weakness. And maybe reinstal the game? Is abnormal ur waiting time

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