BattleBorn Poll: Rate the Heros and Maps!

Hi everyone i spent a bit of time putting this Google form poll together, if you will take a moment of your time to look this over and fill it out that be awesome i really want to know what the community thinks about these questions.

at the moment i have tagged it to be logged into gmail which most chrome users already should be to do the poll so we dont get spammed with same poeple doing it more than once

if this is enjoyed ill do one every few months to see how we change and add new questions.

Take the poll here

See the response data here

if you do the poll give a comment to help keep this bumped up!


It looks like a good poll to me, but the response page could be better. Things like the 3 most played characters could be put into one list, maybe having the most used worth 3 points if you want it to be shown more. If you could line up the graphs with the totals and % it would be easier to read.

It’ll be interesting if a large amount of people do it.

I’m sorry to say I have no experience with the PvP.

im not sure if i can make the response page any better. it is using google docs form/survey feature.

im limited with the tools i have with it.

and ya the response page that is viewed for the publicis really long were the one i see as owner is laid out different but couldn’t get that one to show as public.

thats fine, i hope there was a N/A option for all the PVP questions

I didn’t finish the poll my first go-round because I felt guilty writing N/A for every answer, but okay, let me go fill it out. Sorry about that.

hey some poeple are here for PVE only why one of the questions ask if your here for PVP, PVE or both

Yeah, I had absolutely no experience with PvP, so when some of your results are pushed more towards N/A and seem to not make too much sense on the PvP only questions towards the end, that was me.

What is the difference between “balance of the PVE maps” and “difficulty of the PVE maps”?

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i thought a bit about that one actually

balance can factor into level design, to is it balanced solo or with a large team

the difficulty is, is it just plain to hard or just to plane easy, to plane easy is usually not considered as a balancing issue for a lot of poeple

im up for suggestions to help describe this if you have ideas to :slight_smile:

I’m genuinely unsure what the purpose of the ‘balance’ section is even after saying that. Is it asking whether the difficulty scales well? Even if so, what do the numbers mean for this?

some poeple see balance and difficulty different

which it is

there can be hard to beat maps but it is still balanced.

like the New doom its being said hard mode is going to be SUPER HARD but the devs are doing there best to make it still balanced.

pace of progression in map, item pick ups, mob encounters,

Alright, maybe just call it level design then. I think I get what you’re talking about now though. Side note, if you do redo this I’d suggest adding a section for rating the story/dialogue of each mission.

would story dialog be under the fun category? or should it be it’s own thing i know i enjoy algorithm and voids edge more for the fact it has way more conversations

I’d call them two separate things, I mean you can enjoy gameplay and story separate from eachother.

i think something like Story immersion section sounds like a good category to add

its some of the reason i rated some as “its ok” for my vote because i did not feel the story was immersive for those maps

Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to put in that section due to discrepancies between gameplay and story. Also, the last section asks about PVE map choice, then lists PVP maps. Probably a typo.

typo fixed :slight_smile:

Alright well, done filling this out, thanks for doing it. Good idea.

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[quote=“bluehasia, post:12, topic:1449441”]some poeple see balance and difficulty different

which it is

there can be hard to beat maps but it is still balanced.[/quote]
balance: a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance (from dictionary)

So the balance is not an estimation of a thing itself but how it relates with other things doing similar objectives. It’s hard to describe even what exactly “character balance” means while everyone intuitively has an idea. And I still don’t understand what you mean by balance of a PVE mission. Is it a difficulty throughout a mission - from it’s start to it’s end? Or is it how appropriate the difficulty of that mission is? Say, you expect first mission to be easy and last mission to be hard, and if otherwise you consider them out of balance?