Battleborn Posters, Cups, T-shirts and the like

I was pestering EBgames today about buying Battleborn action figures and I was tell them Gearboxsoftware was selling them and when is EBgames going to sell them. EBgames said I could only get one if I bought Battleborn as a pre-order. I said that’s no good I all ready own Battleborn.
Then EBgames told my something I was not expecting. EBgames told me the normal Trend at game releases is 3 days after release date EBgames is flooded with Cups, Posters and T-shirts to do with most games! So Gearbox are you sticking with most gaming companys Trends on this or what’s the go? Can anyone leak any information on this… Please.

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Some EB Games retailers hold raffles and various competitions for merchandise, my local EB Games just hosted a quiz night (Which my team won) with prizes and all proceeds were donated to the Starlight Foundation. They’re holding a raffle next week for the figurines.
I know this is slightly off topic, but if you want the figurines there may be other ways to acquire them! =D

@Slif_One Wow your very lucky. I wish my shop was doing that as I could do with a Milko action figger on my tv.

If you want to buy a full set of figures without the need of pre-ordering it:

Here a topic + shoplink!

-> Want the preorder figurines? Here's how to buy them separately

The price is quiet okay, already ordered it 3 days ago and now my cute figures make the waitingtime a bit more fun :heart: