Battleborn Price Drop

Battleborn is now £30 at GAME in the uk, down from £50.

I made this topic for 2 reasons. Firstly so any people from the UK who might have friends that would be interested in battleborn can advise their friends to buy it.
But secondly I wanted to get all your opinion on this. Do you think it’s a good or bad thing? It’s obviously a reactionary move with overwatch out this week. But do you think this is a sign the player base might be in trouble or a positive sign as we may get a new influx of players willing to give this fantastic game a try.

Looking forward to your responses

The people that want to play Overwatch will play it. People that bought this game also only bought it because it was something to do before Overwatch.

The price drop could mean other things, like they are about to release some in-game content that requires money. I don’t believe the game is in any sort of trouble. Battleborn, like Borderlands, is so unique that it has a specific draw that no other games have been able to pull off.

I am sort of angry that the price drops so fast while I payed more
but if this brings more players to keep the game alive its a good thing, I guess.

They probably drop it for 50 because you could get this game for 40 anywhere else so they werent selling at game.

Seeing how smite is free with non premium content being lacking, I feel the price drop for battleborn to be unavoidable. A year from now I feel it will be completely free but there should be at least 3 more sets of maps by then so the base game will become the norm while the premium content will become more valuable. It’s unavoidable for a moba

Hm that is interesting!

Just checked EB Games Australia, and it’s gone from $99.95 to $77 (ps4 and Xbox) and $88.95 to $68 (PC)…

An odd price drop one would normally think for a game less than a month old…
But I hear there has been a lot of trade ins, people returning within their 7 day return period, and a lot of Aussie consumers taking advantage of the ‘faulty product’ consumer laws, due to issues with Australian servers…

I’d like to think it might encourage some others to grab a copy though…
I generally won’t buy a game brand new right off the bat, unless it’s a much loved franchise (or in the case of Battleborn, gearbox/2k loyalty)…
But if I see a price drop, then I reconsider and probably make a purchase…

If it has more players getting involved, than I’m happy with it…

But I also feel a little taken back, that it’s been less than a month and some else saves $20… That’s a fair bit of gaming snacks, haha!

That’s kinda why I wanted to make this topic. I was really surprised it dropped this quickly.
But I’m optimistic it will draw people in. I think a lot of people were curious about this game but didn’t want to shell out full price

…PC is $49.99 on Amazon today.

I think this would be a classic case of shifting units at a loss to avoid further loss down the line. £30 is better than the £10 they would get when they have to ship excess stock back to the supplier.

I was in my local game yesterday, pre owned copies going for £25, down from £45. That’s a bargain frankly, you should hopefully see some more people online in next week or so, well on console at least.