Battleborn Prologue Opening

Found this video on youtube and thought it was pretty hype. Take a look while you wait for the last few hours to tick by! GET HYPE, GUYS!


Now I’ll just set this to repeat while I wait for the game to be released here…

Oh and I love that Deande is shown so much.

Well sh*t this is just amazing. I can’t concentrate on anything right about now.

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Wow, thanks for posting this ! I love everything about it, except Melka’s smile at the end, but everything else is just SO perfect :heart_eyes:

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This is really great.

Must resist urge to watch before i get game. Must…resist

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:expressionless: One of us… one of us…

Devils advocate…
The animation was cool, nice mix of CGI and classic animation, the retro style reminds me a lot of Heavy Metal.

The music was crap… The beat was to weak and laidback. It really coulda used something with a bit more kick. It did not get me excited, it actually made me a tad sleepy.

The script, pretty good.
Thorn’s entrance was the best

Rath felt a bit juvenile, kinda lacked his cold blooded warrior persona and seemed more like someone implanted him with Naruto’s character.

Deande’s role as the damsel in distress was lame, even just killing a couple of minions woulda appeased me, but all she does in that video is ride a ship, get blown up, saved, and runs away…

Marquis’s scenes were great, the only problem I had with it is that he shoots down those rockets in his sniper mode, I think it woulda showcased the character better for him to switch to pistol mode to deal with them. especially since it has the rate fire needed to actually pull that off.

and this is just minor but woulda like to have seen Oscar Mike blow something up since he likes splotions and all.

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I just came on here to post about the prologue cut scene/intro. I had the digital pre order so I was up playing at midnight and…


I normally don’t care for cartoon/comic style cut scenes in video games considering the tech available. Go watch a blizzard game’s cut scenes for example lol. But this was so well done. I got a real Samurai Champloo vibe from the art style and music in all the best possible ways!

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yeah, that’s it! I got the same vibe.

Samurai Shampoo!

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