Battleborn ps4 july tournament (UPDATED 6-17-18)

Hello everyone, Roy_Boy_Chipz here from PS4. I got a lot of positive feedback when I announceed this so lets get the team sign ups and rules up for everyone to check out. So the first link is the rule set I have created. Please make sure to check these once and a while, because they are not locked in. Some things will be added or taken off. Im still listenin to what the ps4 community wants. Everything will be locked in by July 13th so get ready. The second link is the current team rosters, to answer everyone’s main question “how do i join”. Just p.m. me on my psn Roy_Boy_Chipz with your team,team captain, and team name. Dont worry though, if you decide to switch or anything just p.m. and keep in mind the deadline is july 13th. Every team MUST have 5 main players and a sub, and a team captain within the roster and no more than 8 players per team! If you have anythig else to add the best way to reach me is on my psn. THANK YOU AND LETS GET THIS GOING!


Two things:

  1. Which team will get first map selection? Will it then rotate, or will the losing team select the next map?

  2. I don’t know if the Ultra Minion thing has been sorted, but since I personally not a big fan of the restriction on economy related loadouts, a possible alternative might be to allow Ultra Minions, but they can only spawn them for one lane. Aside from that, I personally would be more inclined to have Ultra Minions banned since I do agree with statements that the presence of them tend to flatten the meta.