Battleborn PS4 July Tournament (Updated 7-1-2018) | Watch this space for updated information

Hello everyone, Roy_Boy_Chipz here from PS4. I got a lot of positive feedback when I announceed this so lets get the team sign ups and rules up for everyone to check out. So the first link is the rule set I have created. Please make sure to check these once and a while, because they are not locked in. Some things will be added or taken off. Im still listenin to what the ps4 community wants. Everything will be locked in by July 13th so get ready. The second link is the current team rosters, to answer everyone’s main question “how do i join”. Just p.m. me on my psn Roy_Boy_Chipz with your team,team captain, and team name. Dont worry though, if you decide to switch or anything just p.m. and keep in mind the deadline is july 13th. Every team MUST have 5 main players and a sub, and a team captain within the roster and no more than 8 players per team! If you have anythig else to add the best way to reach me is on my psn. THANK YOU AND LETS GET THIS GOING!

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Why do you make entire new threads, effectively just copy pasting the last one, to announce minor changes?


Is there a rule against that?

I don’t think it’s technically a rule, but the mods do consolidate similar threads to keep the forums from becoming cluttered. I’ll just ping @VaultMaster101 and @Tokesy97, and we’ll find out soon enough.

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Not sure. Haven’t read the rules in quite a while.

But when you make an entire new thread about it, you expect there to be drastic changes which needs to be brought to everyone’s attention (date changes, team roster changes etc.).

It’d arguably be better to;

A) Stick to one thread.
B) Make a new comment on that thread to highlight changes.

Because worth mentioning is that Oscar Mike & Space Lasers being honour banned were both being discussed in the original thread.

It’s more beneficial to have a centralised discussion for the same thing in a single thread to keep the conversation in one place.

And now, haven written that, I’m actually surprised the threads haven’t been merged into the original one come to think of it.

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Okay cool, the pages keep getting deleted anyways.

No one is deleting the pages that I can see - they’re all there if you scroll down the the list view of the relevant sub-section. Editing the OP in a thread (even editing the title) doesn’t “bump” that thread in Discourse, though, so if you update the OP in this thread you can simply make an “Updated OP for …” post.

As a PSA/Reminder for all, I would also mention that users should be aware of (and follow) the guidelines in the FORUM FAQ in addition to the specifics of the FORUM RULES.

Ok cool

Might’ve missed it but is the tournament being streamed by one person?

I know that I’ll be streaming my games and I encourage other teams to have a dedicated streamer as well


I think @roytrujillo12 said he was looking to stream all games.

If I’m allowed be a spectator, I’ll stream as well. Though I haven’t asked, so I have no clue if I may.

Would certainly be fun to co-cast w/ @blainebrossart1 if possible.

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Hit me up if I’m on. Casting is always fun.

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Some quick things:

  1. Which team will get first map selection? Will it then rotate, or will the losing team select the next map?

  2. I don’t know if the fat bot thing has been sorted, but since I personally not a big fan of the restriction on economy related loadouts, a possible alternative might be to allow fat bots, but they can only spawn them for one lane. Aside from that, I personally would be more inclined to have fat bots banned since I do agree with statements that the presence of them tend to flatten the meta.

  3. In the current rules it states a maximum of one sub per match, but it also states that you must play one of your subs for each match. In the event that one team which has three subs wins the first two matches, I assume that it’s fine that the third sub is not used then, or is it that it’s expected to play all three matches, regardless of the outcome of the first two (which the rules don’t seem to actually specify)?

Oof… That, uh… May be a problem for my team, if they decide to play on a day that i am working. So long as it’s not a weekend day, and i am given two week’s notice, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to request off the day of a match, and participate.

I will pick what team gets first pick. Of course it’ll be random, and im sure ppl will have a eteamer per team. I Will be streaming every match and be in every lobby.Fat bots are allowed, but no econmy builds.

So if you can’t make the time the teams need the game can’t go through?

Then we can switch it up. As long as there are 2 spectators, that seems fair. What do ya guys think?

Seems unnecessary. My experience with tournaments is that it’s hard enough to get the players that need to be there playing. If there isn’t anyone to spectate the teams should still be able to play.

If the concern is cheating, everyone has a button on the controller to record proof, so that’ll be kinda hard to get away with considering there will be 9 different people able to record and report it.

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What do you suggest? Seems everyone
has a complaint but no solution.