Battleborn PS4 July Tournament (Updated 7-1-2018) | Watch this space for updated information

But there will be, you think something likr his wont have ppl wanting to?

There isn’t a guarantee of that. We don’t know what time the games will be had until the teams can get a date, so we can’t guarantee there will be someone able to spectate the games.

I’d also like to take the moment to ask why there needs to be a spectator? What’s the reason the teams can’t play without them?

ROSTER LOCK IS THE 13TH.Tournamnet starts the 27th, I have said I was gonna place times by then.

Solution; Honour ban Oscar Mike.

Solutions are being offered.


No bans.


You win the award for most quotations in a single post!


Six teams with three games per match until semi finals and finals. First rounds will take up to 6 hours to finish not counting the time needed to get everyone together and downtime between games. The semi finals might take 3.5 hours because they are best of seven. Same with the finals. We might not have enough people to sit through 13 hours of watching games and the chance that that happens resulting in teams being unable to play makes no sense.

Also I’ll ask again, why is it necessary to have a spectator? No one’s going to get away with cheating with or without the spectators and if the goal is to share the event, players can stream themselves.



And if Oscar Mike’s not being honour banned, why is Space Lasers banned?

And please elaborate. I don’t want to ask more times than I already have.


Its a 3 day thing, fri-sun. No honor bans thats final.

10/10 elaboration.

@roytrujillo12 I don’t mean to sound elitest but there are players here with more 10 man/competitive experience in their left toe than most people have that are in this tournament, and quite frankly you’re being stubborn. Listen to them.

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General PSA (not calling out anyone in particualr):

I know you’re all crazy passionate about this game, but please keep the snark out of your posts. COMMUNTIY GUIDELINES and all that.

/Resumes lurking

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Third time: Why does there need to be spectators?


Since im not playing in the tournament and have a ton of free time at the moment, im willing to spectate and/or help cast the games. (even for 13h if necessary)

@Laglag0 I PSN messged you bro, check your inbox.

Sure would be nice if we had a place to ask questions and receive answers regarding information on the tournament. Maybe someone should make a thread for that.


or 5 threads.


The rosters are now locked and here is the

round 1 bracket.

Just as a heads up, the roster page is locked, and i’m not sure if it’s intentional. I want to know who “WEE HAA” is comprised of, but cannot check.

Uh, It’s… Still locked… It says i “need permission”. I appreciate the prompt response and help though!