Battleborn ps4 pro features create interest?

would adding ps4 pro support to this game bring in more players and raise interest in it? if gearbox made some support for ps4 pro the game would be among only a few with support and would be cheaper than some which could possibly make it a game to buy to test out their new system. and once ps4 pro players start playing maybe more ps4 and xbox 1 players will start. just something to think about.

The real problem is retention. Sales for this game were good at first. Once the main errors are fixed this would be viable


what are the main errors?

Matchmaking. 0 score playthroughs. Those are the worst I can think of

Retention, matchmaking, and leavers.

This game has a high learning curve and no PvP tutorial. The prologue is a joke for even a PvE tutorial.

Matchmaking has never been quite right, but with a larger playerbase, a more elo based system could work.

How do you prevent one person from ruining the whole experience for the other 9

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