Battleborn PS4 Super Jumpy

I have Battleborn for PS4 and it is SUPER JUMPY! I have died countless times from standing still then a lag spike coming along and deciding to throw me off the map. Anything I can do to fix the lag because it is getting so annoying and ruining an otherwise amazing game.

I get this fairly often as well, but only in story mode. Also PS4.

My PS4 Battleborn won’t even let me in. It tells me that the internal server timed out, and then when I try to get back in it either gives me a PSN error saying I’m no connected (even though I am), or tells me that player authentication failed. I have spent over 7 hours today trying to play, and I’ve only completed 3 matches successfully. This is ruining the game (especially since it’s double XP weekend!!!)

But yeah, I was having all sorts of lag jumpy issues too

Double XP ends on Wednesday next week, so not exactly a weekend?

I’ve seen your problem discussed in other topics too, seems to happen sometimes on PS4. Hopefully it gets resolved soon so that you get to experience the extra experience too!

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Same. Sometimes offline Multiplayer but very rarely. I know the game won’t be perfect right away but this issue is to big to have gone unnoticed.

They need to patch it ASAP since it sometimes gets so bad the game becomes unplayable for a bit. Amazing game being ruined by lag.


Is your NAT set as strict?

That was my issue not too long Ago.

my NAT?

Tip: don’t play El Dragon and get his punch combo. The finishing punch launches you forward and the lag spike makes you teleport back. Nearly wanted to throw up just running randomly and holding the trigger.


It’s in simple terms how you or router connects to servers and stuff to use the actual Internet. Think of it like moving your IP address around to help move it across the Internet “roads”. Sorry if it’s a bad explaination. Not really sure how to describe it without confusing you.

But back to fixing the actual problem. To see what your NAT is set as go to settings on your PS4 then network and finally internet connection test. The NAT should be listed at the bottom once it’s done testing. If it’s strict you should google how to change it for your specific router bc sometimes general directions will be much harder to do for someone who’s never done this before. If you have any other questions I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

Lol. Good to know.

What NAT level is recommended for Battleborn? My NAT is level 2. Sometimes story mode is 100% perfect, but tonight it’s completely unplayable. (Like, all character movement just stops completely every 20 feet or so.) I suppose everyone’s checking out the patch?

I don’t think it’s just me either, because everybody has died/run out of lives in the first 10 minutes of every story mode game I’ve played tonight! (Teams of 60+ level people, so I don’t think it’s lack of skill in this case!)

NAT should be set to “open”. Not a number. If it said “strict” that usually is the issue.

Upon closer inspection in PlayStation support, NAT type 2 is “moderate”. Sony says this will function properly, but I’m going to change it to type 1 and “open”. Thanks! Hopefully that will do the trick.

UPDATE: Seems to have fixed it! Testing during work hours probably isn’t conclusive, but gameplay felt extra smooth.

I’m glad it worked

Updated Update: Latency still an issue, even with open NAT and PS4 set in a DMZ with static IP. Resetting router does not help. Getting 13.5 mbps down and 2.1 mbps up, but game still pretty unplayable. Bars are all green, for myself and all other players, but sometimes I can’t move. Like, at all. Sometimes I push the stick forward AND SLOWLY INCH SIDEWAYS.

Are there different router settings needed? Packet adjustments? What kind of techno-whatsits need to be adjusted so things work?

It’s been getting better lately which is good. I hated seeing such a great game becoming unplayable.