Battleborn PvP matchmaking problems

Ive played battleborn for awhile now and i want to know if theyll add skill or level based match making soon? Ok so i go into PvP matchmaking thinking things will go well but i get paired up with lower level players that dont have that much expereince with the game and then on the other team i see higher level players that have a lot of experience with the game in the beta i had tons of fun and i didnt have this problem but now im not having much fun i really like battleborn but the pvp matchmaking makes me not want to play i hope they add someway to fix this problem soon if anyone has awnsers or comments please dont hesitate to reply back

i just played a game where i’m rank 21 and I’m the lowest fighting againts all below rank 10… that was a massacre. capture map 1000 - 37… this really needs to be sorted out