Battleborn PvP montage!

Hey guys! To begin with, English is not my fisrt language so please forgive me if there is some mistakes here and there.

I played Battleborn from May to October very intensively and I think it’s a GREAT game! It’s sad that it is so underrated.

During this time I made a lot of video clips and I decided to make a little montage. It’s the first time I do something like that so I hope it’s fun to watch. Let me know what you think of it and feel free to share your own video here! Bye.


Nice music choice. Fun video. Pretty accurate shooting you got there.

Amazing gameplay!. Just be careful of someone accusing you of using aimbot due to the great accuracy you have with various characters. The only part I didn’t like about the video was the music. It did not match with the video.

Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t to sure for the music but I had to choose something I guess! I play on Xbox without any aim assisst, I turned off all of it. It’s just a montage of my best kills but I can assure you I miss a lot of shooting.


Great video and aim!

But watching this reminded me of how fun and powerful Battleborn used to be.


Some of those long distance kills were frightening. So many great kills displayed.

That Benedict snipe with Boomsday at 2:50 ish was amazing. Very well done.

I probably need to watch this video on my computer to see if it helps… I fail to spot the clocked OM at 2:40 no matter how hard I try on my phone.

Nice accuracy with Thorn! I wish I could land my arrows this well. Good to see some gameplay footage from other people, hopefully I get to see more in the future because I enjoy watching other peeps play. It’s a great opportunity to learn new tricks. :slight_smile:

So much rekt!

It’s hard to see, but there’s a VERY slight offshade shape that goes up the stairs by the sentry right before the kill. I have to say the tracking and leading on that shot was impressive.

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So, I know these were some of your best, but there were a few I almost dropped my phone. I’m not sure if your game sense or accuracy is better but… Wait no your accuracy is amazing, and on Xbone too. Just. Wow. Especially that one snipe with Marquis through both perches and the Thorn snipe on Echelon just. Do you uh, got any accuracy to sell? Not to me but uh, a friend of mine

I’m glad you like the montage. Have in mind that it’s just 5 minutes of almost a thousand hours of gameplay so yeah there are some prety good shots but I haven’t this accuracy 100% of the time obviously! :smile:

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No matter how much I play, I could never make some of those shots you showed in this video lol

@Whitethroat I see it now after reading your comment! A very impressive tracking leading to that kill indeed. I thought he tracked OM based on the speed accelerator usage but there is a slight vision of OM going up the stairs.

Badass! Chasing a Benedicit with the Boomsday made me laugh. This one is making its way to the tweets.

Btw @Nesta-yelraM what is your gamertag on Xbox1? I need to be careful and prepare ahead with my squishy Rath if my pug team goes against you.

It’s Nesta yelraM. I don’t play much PvP at the moment but I surely will with the winter update.

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