Battleborn Pvp Review/Ideas

Battleborns Pvp has a GREAT base, however it is in my opinion lacking in certain aspects. Balance is not my main concern because it is going to fix itself as players become more suited to their characters and the game progresses. My main issue is the lack of comeback potential. It is my experience that every game is either a 100-0 or a 0-100 ending. Sorry to fall back to my League of Legends backing, but having a “Baron” or “Dragon” buff allows for the losing team to have a fighting chance. The only momentum changer in Incursion seems to be the thrall pads, and those usually are going to the winning team uncontested.

A few ideas I have to help improve PvP in Battleborn:
Buildables need more health. With turrets, (especially tier 3 upgraded turrets), a player can dump a ton of shards into upgrading it, to fall to 2-3 clips from a ranged enemy. These turrets should take a few players to focus it, have fast regenerating health/shields, and to balance these changes, be slightly more expensive to create. Tier 1 seems fine. If you create it, and dont bother upgrading it should fall easily.

Neutral Buff That Requires Multiple Teammates As previously stated, the lack of a neutral enemy thats powerful and requires teamwork to kill is hurting the balance of the game. Part of the competitive side of the game would be contesting this buff. Losing teams often find their enemies over extended out of Cockiness, and in my experience youll get 3-4 kills on a team as they push down your sentry (In incursion). The problem here is that means you have to fight 3-4 waves of minions, just to get a few shots on the enemy outer-sentry, which by that time, the enemy has respawned. If there was a Neutral buff that you could rush to after getting a power play, which buffs your teams pushing power, that would add an immense amount of competitive games, lower surrender rates, and improve overall experience for the players in the game.

Death Timer The timers are really close to perfect, but i do feel they need late game work. I stated in my last paragraph, the respawn timers dont allow time to counter-push fighting against minion waves, and the thralls that the enemy had acquired in their snowball.

Snowballing The main problem with Pvp is strong enemies get stronger with no counterplay to it. Thrall pads, (kill the big enemies, spawn your own big enemies) are so close to the main paths, and so weak to 1-2 players, that it doesnt even inconvenience the winning team to go for them. Theres no risk involved because the losing team is defending waves of minions, and the players that didnt go to the Thrall pads.

Minion Experience While the wave minions give perfect EXP in my opinion, the outside minions dont reward the player with enough of an experience boost to make it worth acquiring. A small boost here would provide levels for those players who want to focus objectives rather than team deathmatch it up.

Matchmaking (Bots?) If a player doesnt show up to the game, it is marked as (Inactive) and they sit in the base. To my understanding there is no punishment for this. Even a Five minute Time out from queuing for another game would deter people from leaving the game or not showing up. A further reach which I dont know if gearbox could implant into the game, replace inactive players with bots. AI that would do basic functions, and work off a difficulty level average of the team you’re on. Even just having an extra body to take enemy bullets would help player morale and win chance.


Game is EXCELLENT, However it could be better. Ideas below should be looked at by the developers.

Buildables need more health.
Neutral Buff That Requires Multiple Teammates
Death Timers should increase (more) late game
*Minion Experience
Matchmaking (Bots?)

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I’m new to this but an idea I think would be good is a new mode for pvp Like instead of using shards to make turrets you get the option to use those shards to make something you can interact with like you can spawn a turret but you control it or power armor something that you have to use shards for that your character can’t do on those own and that mode would be focused on nothing but fighting each other but a cool addition to that would be like capture the flag but less lame sounding Than that

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A cool thing for a capture the flag style would be like instead of a flag it’s a weapon or something or a weapon that’s a piece to a bigger weapon and when people are chasing the one with it it can be used on the opponent that’s why they can’t notice you if you have Melee you have to ambush them and when you do make the big weapon it’s a giant robot that beats the crap out of minrec

I definitely feel the inner base thumper turrets on Meltdown need a big buff. I’ve played several matches where an entire enemy team, sometimes even just three, will dive our base and take out all of our turrets and any teammates on that side, then the rest of the team when they inevitably show up. It’s almost impossible to cath back up after that, and there should be no reason level 1’s should be able to dive a base that early. Then on Coldsnap we played against a Montana that deliberately sat right outside of our force field and there was nothing there to stop him. The turrets on Coldsnap need to be buffed and moved to better locations.