Battleborn questions about Steam's broadcasting

Hey guys,

I have a general question about Steam. By default my steam is set up to allow friends to watch broadcasts of my games. Will steam recognize that this game is a closed beta test and will not stream this particular game or do I have to turn off game streaming in order to actually test this game out and not break the NDA? Just wondering as I have not participated in any Closed Beta testing that involved Steam.


I would say you probably need to turn it off.

Though I don’t know if steam would block it for you its still safer to just turn it off.

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I’d turn it off, just to be sure. If you do stream it, even accidentally, you’ll be breaching the NDA.


Dont risk it. Turn it off, or set it to invite only. The most your friends should see is “ShadowZeipher is playing Battleborn Closed Technical Test” and that’s it.

No screen shots, no video recording, no streaming, no public discussion.

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Thanks! Will do.

If you right click on the game you can set individual settings for the game and just turn off broadcasting for only that game. It is a lot easier than constantly changing your profile settings for steam. I do this for things like updating cloud saves which breaks Fallout New Vegas but keep it activated on the rest of my games.