Battleborn questions and suggestions

I do not know where to put this. I have something I would like to discuss with someone who can answer questions about the gameplay and things we would like to suggest or comment about, both positive and negative feedback.

Thank you

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What’s your question, friend! If i can’t answer it myself, be assured that i know someone who CAN!

I hate pvp with a passion, the reason I prefer Borderlands/battleborn is the play style the story and the co-op.
How can one do the lores of those that require deaths of other player character/classes without pvp?
Again something I am annoyed with and wish to suggest that it be altered for those of us who cannot stand
to pvp to gain these challenges without the necessity of Pvp. Attikus and Cleese? unsure of spelling at present are my
two largest concerns. The map lore is not specific in any way.

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