BattleBorn: Raths Ultimate

(Hoody5221) #1

Since the release of BattleBorn ive been excited to play as Rath but since it’ll be a while before I get a chance to play im going to continue doing research on the play styles of Rath and for a future update I would really love it if Raths ultimate either got changed or tweaked for more damage because comparing it to other attacker type characters its pretty pitiful plus online players are now realizing how to stop it but the whole cancel the ultimate aint my issue, my issue like I said before is the damage and tbe fact that an attacker has such little compared to the others. So please change Raths ultimate or tweak it because Rath has some great potential as a character I can see it.


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(Liefglinde) #3

I’m sorry, you want Rath’s ultimate to do… MORE damage?

(Magic is everything) #4

As someone who thinks the ult isn’t that bad, I agree that there is no reason to buff it at this state. There are definitely ways to play around the ult (even if he silences you first, though it is character based at times), but increasing Dreadwinds damage is only gonna add more problems.

(Liefglinde) #5

Its damage is insanely high, but that isn’t the main problem. It’s his speed combined with the ridiculous head bouncing technique that needs to go.

(Magic is everything) #6

I honestly don’t mind a speed nerf. Doesn’t bother me anyways since I’ve been meaning to see what happens when you combine Kleese’s ult with Rath’s.

Just don’t make it too slow. At least if Phoebe misses her ult she gets to teleport away, Rath doesn’t have that option. Imo it should be just fast enough to pick off weakened enemies, but not too fast so that you can completely chase someone with it.

(worldeater1511) #7

I’m pretty sure Hoody is trolling.

Rath’s ult needs to be nerfed, badly.

You cant have a no-skill high damage “I WIN” button and expect to have a balanced game or future e-sport.

Hopefully you built a good logging framework into the game and you have engineers and class designers pouring over statistics and you’re finding some skilled players to work with (…) You guys really need to get on the balancing if you want this game to have a future.

I havent seen Gault since the beta, but I’ve played against every other character and so far I would say the hero balance is pretty good (50+ matches played.) There are some heroes that are hard to manage vs other heroes, and some heroes that get really powerful if you let them level, but Rath is busted.

Reduce Rath’s Ult damage!

(Hoody5221) #8

Like ive said ive never actually played the game myself so i dony really know conepletly and on look at the numbers of raths ult and look at the numbers of another characters ult. And by the way are the numbers on the sute deifferent the the game?

(Andrew09911) #9

Play the game first. Until then any opinion is null. Sheer numbers never tell the whole story.

Name one other character who can take someone from full to dead in a single ult.

I honestly think both the head-bounce juggling and maybe a SMALL nerf to the duration is in order.

(JimmyWhispers) #10

Cannot agree with this more. The ultimate legit ruins most matches that Rath is in and its plain to see on every scoreboard that simply pressing one button is netting him a mad number of kills and, by extension, wins.
People are arguing that its easy to interrupt or dodge, but in my experience that seems far from the truth.
PLEASE nerf it.

(Magic is everything) #11

ISIC, Whiskey Foxtrot, Oscar Mike, Phoebe, Ghalt technically but his ult still sucks, El Dragon, need I go on?

The only difference is that some of these ults require a bit more setup to appropriately get the kill, hence why I say that the only thing Dreadwind needs is a speed nerf to make it a bit easier to escape.

I currently have 91 games as of writing this post and Dreadwind has killed me a total of 2 times. Both of which were entirely my fault since I overextended with half hp like an idiot.

Quick melee exists, CC exists, accelerators and thumper turrets exist, some characters can actually just sit inside Dreadwind and live the entire bulk of it (ie: Montana). And, yes, I’m fully aware that many of these things could be applied to all ults, but lets consider the character behind Dreadwind for a second. Rath has some of the lowest hp stats in the game, and life steal is not nearly enough to save him from anyone with reasonable dps. Canceling Rath’s ult puts him in a much worse situation than say, Thorn’s for example. If Thorn gets her ult canceled, she can just throw down a blight field, maybe hit them with a volley for some extra damage, and run away. Thorn has significantly higher hp coupled with a passive health regen that doesn’t require her to be hitting the enemy. Rath on the other hand has speed. Speed which is equal to Thorn’s anyways and doesn’t have any means to slow down his attackers or the survivability to take anything more than 3-4 rockets from Benedict. The same deal can be applied to nearly every character in the game. ISIC? Wards, plasma dash, and his secondary shield can save him from a bad situation. Toby? Boosters, Arc mine stuns, and a well placed force field will save him. The only characters that are put in a roughly equally bad position are Marquis, since he is basically forced to run when anyone gets close to him anyways, and Orendi if she can’t use nullify.

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Ok one more time, talk about the game not others.

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Then moderate your forums if you dont like social enforcers bro. you have a balance thread started by a non-player. maybe lock that sh!t on day one instead of letting the thread spin.

If you’re not going to moderate and you dont want me to, then I’m happy finding other places to post. As much as I love GBX and their games, I remember your forums and mods being pretty horrible - case in point.

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If you have issues with moderation please pm about it and do not derail the thread on it.

Back on topic everyone please.

(sofcorea) #16

I have about 190 hours in and his silence ult combo is retarded fix the game please if you cant see the problem you shouldnt be makin games imo