Battleborn Release Date DELAYED

Bad news-Battleborn will be released in May instead of February.

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I think it’s good news. This game is great but needs a little more time in the oven. It will only get better. Gearbox deserves a lot of credit for having the balls to test there baby with the community like this. Mad respect yo.
Mad respect. :slight_smile:

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Edit: Sorry, that was for the closed forum. Didn’t realize I was in public, my bad.

This! So much THIS!!! :heart:

You are one of the most reasonable persons I saw arround here lately!!! (No offense to all other great badasses arround here - love you!)
GBX has so much moxxi+guts to make a playable CTT like they do, I can´t imagine how much datamining and work this means for all participants in their company + the admins who take up with the ranting crowds on pure voluntarily bases >.<

Totally okay with May, art takes time, alot of it. Its hard work and we should grant them the time they need.

Totally fine with that… I’m expecting so much from this game and I want them to take their time and get it right.

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Oh no. Now it’s gonna come out within a month of Overwatch, which is now coming to consoles. I’m worried about the game now.

Overwatch doesn’t have a release date yet so…

nvm it apparently does now… alrighty then

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If u have been testing BB + participating in the CTT-forums a bit, the delay makes complete sense.

Yes, it means having 2 kill 3 more months playing something else (alternatively: Get a life … :acmcheese:)

But, we’ll all have a funner, faster, better game in the end.

Cant wait to play both Overwatch and Battleborn! like i did really enjoy the PvP in Battleborn but my heart lies with PvE in this Game so i will have Battleborn for Co-op with my mates and Multiplayer with Overwatch!

Dont get me wrong i will still play the Battleborn PvP as it is fun but just like i have a obsession with Caldarius i also cant wait to play as Tracer!!!

This game is still coming out a month early compared to overwatch. I honestly think that this is a really smart idea. Since the game is coming out a month early, people may buy this game before they play overwatch, and while some will switch to overwatch when it comes out, you will still have some people who get attached to the game even after overwatch comes out.