Battleborn release date - Exact time

I enjoyed the open beta tremendously and still enjoying it, heck I want to race home from work now to squeeze out the last hours of the beta (unless it’s already over?).

But when exactly is the game released? I know it releases on May 3, but is it gonna be a midnight world release? Is it launching as the usual Steam games at 18:00 CET? Would love some clarfications so I can plan ahead when to… uhm, work from home.

Hello, I would like to say, that this game is too good to be released that late ! …
I mean, how can we survive these two weeks - now that we tasted it and NEED to play every day ?!!!

gearbox, could you extend you beta pleeeease … or release tomorrow ?! pleeease … :slight_smile:

Does no one really know when the game is supposed to be released?
3 May isn’t a good enough answer, sadly.

IF the game could release a few days earlier as a… idk, early birthday present to EVERYONE, then that would be great. I don’t want to rush Gearbox though, i want them to spend all the time they need perfecting and balancing it. I just want them to release it after that, and not hold out on us only cuz they know that the hype will turn to poison in us and kill us all slowly

I’ll just be thankful if they don’t move the release date and you all should be too :stuck_out_tongue: