Battleborn Releases February 9, 2016! [Trailer]

Battleborn, a new first-person shooter for every kind of badass will be available on February 9, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

Enjoy the new trailer, “Can’t Get Enough.”


First post here. I’m very excited for February and I will continue to make YouTube content for Battleborn leading up to its release and beyond.


Congrats on getting first post! Your medal is in the mail! :smiling_imp:

Anyhoo, awesome trailer!

Releases in February, I’ll be getting Mirror’s Edge 2 and Battleborn within the same month. NICE. Gives me plenty of time to figure out how to stream properly. -grabs Streaming for Dummies from the bookshelf-

As soon as I saw the trailer title I knew what song was going to play. I think I know GBX too well lol.

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Apologies, it appears my syntax was unclear. What I meant to say was “This is my very first post on the forums.” It simply happened to be the first reply to this post. I’m still super excited though!

Perfect date, no need to rush it - this way it will be polished when released =)

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Agreed - better to take some extra time to polish rather than rush the game out too soon.

That said, now it’s fingers crossed time in regards to the beta. Otherwise it’s going to be a long six months from now til release…


I’m just hoping the beta doesn’t crash. (jabs at Street Fighter V)

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Welp, my junk just shifted.



I like to think that I’m appropriately inappropriate.


February? That’s way too long guys :frowning:

I would have liked it earlier, but I like finished/polished games even more.

Sees date



all things considered it not coming out in ‘winter 2015’ might be a good thing. it gives gbx more time to work on the game and comes out during a more favourable time where gamers and the game new industry will less distracted and more likely follow the intricacies of battleborn. Q4 is way to crowded with video games anyway.

P.S. great trailer by the way.

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So excited. So who is the guy at 0:09? We haven’t seen him yet right? He looks fun.


I’ve seen that guy before in a split second in another video, but from far away. At first I thought he was Montana, but then realized Montana was in the same area as his, so it couldn’t have been Montana.

I think he is in the back left here so you can see his face at 1:19

And I can’t be sure but maybe this is him chaining someone to bring them closer? 1:35

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Not much is known yet.

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