Battleborn Releases February 9, 2016! [Trailer]

Was hoping for some PvP action being shown. I wouldn’t mind the devs. and/or the Battleborn crew showing off a game they had at the office…very interested in seeing how good their Caldarius player truly is…

Also hopefully they reveal more characters ASAP, I need my fix.

I’ll gladly test it out on linux for you :smiley:

I second this but on the PS4.

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Wanted to make a analysis video of the Gamescom trailer, but i’m off on vacation for the week. So haven’t got around making it. But incase you didn’t notice in the other gamescom thread, i wrote an article about my experience at gamescom. Because i have been spending so much time on Battleborn, 2K Benelux was kind to invite me to play the game at gamescom.

So if you want to read some about the 4 new heroes or my hands on experience go and read that. One other thing i was surprised seeing was the first look at the loot / gear, so if you want to know more about that read page 3 :wink:

During the presentation i did see some PvP maps. They didn’t walk off the spawn point so you couldn’t tell the difference if it was a story or a multiplayer map. But i took a look at the minimap and you could see the difference. I did see a glimpse of some towers in the background.

i think the beta will be PvP, because they want that meta data. hopefully soon.

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Will there be a Beta? I am surprised that there is currently no pre-order Bonus which is usually free Beta access. Or did I miss Beta already :frowning:

Beta has not happened yet, and there will be one. See this post by Randy

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Thank you!


Now We Wait For The Beta

I hope we’ll have some concrete details at PAX Prime.

I Think It Will Be Open.

My body is ready.



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Hmn releases a day after my birthday nice

Just a friendly reminder to the community that, in another universe, Battleborn is coming out tomorrow. This Universe has to wait until May, however.

well then i am making a universe traveling machine and going to go to THAT universe and buy it on CD and bring back here

A universe where they still use CDs and not Blu-Ray? That’s not a universe I want to live in!


Imagine how many CDs it would take to fit the damn game. ;p

i mean a lot but we got a timemachine:D