BattleBorn remake

Given the recent Brief opening of pubs in BB I can speak for many when I say this was a very emotional and exciting time for BB players. At this point I think they should just make the game free on market to at least promote it and let fans promote it .let people have easy access to it and then remake It (Or a second part) with better modes, graphics(Apex) and marketing. Cause it’s obvious people still love this game even tho it’s dead and despite severs going down people still do private 10s cause this game is baby to us . Unique and challenging in its own way.

I would guess one of the main reasons is was removed from e stores was because the license was up. This is something Activision dose all the time it’s why the re releases of Marvel Ultimate Alliance are not available on several platforms now.

Due to the twilight state of the game and the fact that even the in game store is now down its unlikely they care to draw any more attention to the game.

I would love to see them give this another go maybe with a more comprehensive story mode and only one or two multiplayer modes each with a ranked and un ranked version. Then keep it down to one maybe 2 maps. I would prefer one per game type like league of Legends to prevent the people who DC when they don’t get the map they want. I still think a remake of this game is a bit unlikely but who knows GBX is privately owned if 2K would publish another I bet Randy Varnell would jump at the chance XD