Battleborn "Rescue"

Hey! I am a acitve player of battleborn, since the release 2016. Now, 2 years later, there are no active players everywhere. You can wait 1 hour in the queue, but nobody is coming in. So I have an idea how to rescue battleborn a last time. A last time the players can have fun and musn’t wait 1-2 hours to play a game. I know, there aren’t any battleborn updates anymore, but maybe we can do a last rescue for battleborn. If I were a developer I would create some new maps (for PvP), new story missions and maybe a whole free week to play the whole story and the operations for free. So everybody can play it and have fun. I know this is much work, but remember for all the acitve players since the release who can’t play anymore.

Maybe someone from gearbox is seeing this. Please, help the community to try to rescue the game a last time.



Just so you know, there appear to be problems for the free-to-play players ever since the server maintenance last week. This is impacting the number of players in queues right now.

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This is not “right now” this is since 6 months or something that you can’t play battleborn, story, pvp or operations are dead.

Perhaps it is platform dependant? I can still find a match within 1-3 mins(weekends) and 1-5(weekdays) on the Ps4.

In fact, its been more active than it has been for a while.

Me and friends where talking tho and a few more pvp maps would be amazing. Along with an Oscar Mike nerf haha.

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On pc its dead. Idk how it is on Ps4.

Ps4 is ok. Xbox is struggling, pc has been long dead


I just want updates again. I want more PVE levels. They need to add new characters too. They got like 5 missing slots from the character selection roster before starting a match. Heck, add some new character skin updates like the borderland skins or new complete skin models that don’t just adjust their skin color palette. I would totally buy it off of them. I got the money. Heck, give us some new taunts to spend on!

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While I would like to see more skins and taunts as well, the last “major” update left a sour taste in my mouth bc all it really offered was updates to the marketplace.

As someone that has spent “a lot” of money on this game(for myself and my daughter) I would rather see some more pvp maps.

Originally I was under the impression that there would be multiple seasons, each bringing new characters, maps(pve & pvp) along with new items…

…unfortunately, it seems that Gearbox abandoned their game but not before making sure the marketplace was updated.

I know the history of this game and I still love it but the sad truth Ive had to admit is that this game is slowly going to fade away due to inaction of its creators, along with other factors.

P.s. sorry long winded.



go make it full free2play and add pve badass token
then u have a big playerbase

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push 2.0

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