Battleborn reviews?

Hello fellow Battleborns!

Today I had a really boring day and checked some Steam reviews for battleborn, what people say about the game whether they like it or not and why so many people have abandoned the game for PC.
Actually I found alot of reviews in which are aspects I can agree with. But there was one I really had a laughter on (nearly fell off my chair :smiley: ) Some parts of it are sad but true, but there were other parts I was just able to shake my head cause I had no words for it, especially the reaction of the reviewer! Just go ahead and check it for yourself!
Here we have the original review (just the first part, was not able to merge the conclusion in. No real god in editing pictures :smiley: )

Actually I commented each point he listed:

Remember that the chronological order is from down to upside! I know my second response was a bit harsh, but he replied me on the same way :smiley: So five minutes after I added the second response this is what happened:

Im not exactly sure why he deleted all my comments/answers on his review and blocked me completely for his review and account; probably he wasn’t able to bear it? Not sure though. Yes he’s right, the patch isn’t out yet but it will be rolling out today.

But to come to an end, I guess this behaviour on people’s own reviews for Battleborn also increase the numbers of players that are not even willing to try the game. Sure it’s good to check reviews before buying games but isn’t this missleading information? Do these people even want to HELP other players to get an overview of the game?
What do you think? Share your thoughts!

I think the reviewer had some very legit concerns about the game, even if some were just personal preference. Just because issues might get fixed doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be mentioned - current performance and balance issues are valid complaints. Based on my prior experience, rarely do patch notes saying “Performance Improvements” actually have an effect.
It is of course also important to acknowledge that the devs are working on fixing the game but buyers should know the situation of the game as it is the moment they are buying it and decide if they are happy with it. After all, no fixes are guaranteed and devs aren’t liable to do them.

Note; I’m mostly talking about games in general, not just Battleborn. I have been very happy with the fixes to BB so far and am very excited about today’s update :slight_smile:

Yes you’re completely right! But I don’t get his reaction especially if he hasn’t played the game frequently which concludes in not being up-to-date (0.4h past two weeks).

Im really excited about the update aswell! :smiley:
Have a great patchday and hope for the best! :slight_smile:

The thing that surprises me the most is why spend over 330 hours on a game you don’t like? It really feels like he’s just salty that he didn’t get what he wanted fast enough or had the wrong expectations of the game.

It’s hard for me personally to take these types of reviews (which is sadly most of the steam reviews) seriously. They just feel uninformed, misinformed or plain hypocritical.

@jacksfields Yes exactly! But the most sad part is that alot of people rely on these kind of reviews and believe in them before even seeing the game in a stream, youtube or w/e to get their own opinion on the game.

I blame the government :joy:

Battleborn is truly a game where the appropriate respone to someone asking for your opinion(review) is “you have to play it your self for a few hours”. I get that it’s not helpful but this game is hard to describe. The best i have is "It’s a first person SMITE that has addictive loot grinding in campaign like Borderlands raids and Destiny’s strikes/raids.
I can go 20+ and 2 in a game like COD and OW and barely crack a smile. But getting 10 kills total in BB feels so good as you know you worked hard for those 10 kills .

Instant reward players wont like it but players who love to spend hours planning out a min/max build in games will enjoy it.

Steam reviews are typically trash. There’s a reason that most of us are not qualified to draw a paycheck for offering game reviews. Steam is a fine example of that reason.

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Don’t think I could’ve out that better myself. And the sad thing is, even when problems are fixed, most of those people will not update their reviews to reflect that.

Just take a look at what happened when Total War: Warhammer first came out. Tones of people kept leaving negative reviews because of server connection issues. That has long since been fixed, but I bet many of those reviews are still saying that and rating it purely on that fact.

Personally, if I want to buy a game on Steam, I’ll buy it based on what I know the game has to offer and what I want. Sure, the Steam reviews did make me question buying BB, but I’ve enjoyed my time with it ever since. Goes to show what people think they know.