Battleborn: Reyna Review

Hey guys, I just finished my first analysis of Reyna, expect most of the characters I review to get the same treatment like this. Enjoy

(Description coming soon)

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I don’t mind the rating you have her, but I do want to give you some feedback. I don’t feel like this is an in depth analysis it’s more of a general overview. To me an in depth analysis would explore traits and their uses, what each skill can do, tips and tricks etc.

Also, you mentioned that her abilities are single target so they don’t work well in a team setting but I disagree with that. Often times you only need to buff the tank and from time to time buff an ally who is low on health to rescue them from dying. With failsafe (an ability you mention in the video that you will talk about later but didn’t talk about later) the shield booster also applies a shield to Reyna which means 2 out of your 5 man team are being boosted.

Lastly, I was surprised that you didn’t talk about her secondary attack and its 50% damage boost to shields or its ability to charge the shields of an ally you applied shield booster to. Thank you for putting something together for my favorite character but I think it could use a bit more depth, or just call it a general overview.

I really appreciate the feedback RecycledHuman, I really needed someone to tell me this. I knew I missed a few things and I couldn’t really explain Reyna without it sounding like an overview, but it did anyways . I didn’t go too much into her helixs because that could take awhile and I totally miss her secondary weapon. I will do better with the next character I review and maybe eventually i’ll come back to Reyna for a complete review! Thanks a lot friend!

I appreciate that my friend, I watched the video a second time and need to tell you that the gameplay was very well done! More of this please!

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Reyna is my main right now and I would like to mention that she has a surprisingly easy time with getting chains of criticals with both weapons which coupled with priority target raises her dps much higher than people expect from support.
Also her legendary item allows her to heal health with her plasma while they have a overshield at a rate likely higher than Miko albeit without the lock on and suffering from a cooldown.
As a support who both protects and improves dps I’d raise her rank to A- atleast.
I’ve also got a low cost gear that reduces cooldown for inflicting headshots and I can usually come of either specials cooldown with a single slazer clip into a head, like I said crits are easy with her.

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I honestly am getting a very “stereotypical lesbian” vibe from her.

The hairdo, “tomboy” clothing, and gigantic muscles are bad enough, but I heard her say something about “men” at one point - I cannot recall exactly what it was now.
Maybe something along the lines of “Who needs a man now”, or “Let’s see a man do that” (really cannot recall the line, but it was what first made me think this lol - I think she said it after killing something).

*Disclaimer: I just mentioned this for idle conversational purposes - I have nothing against lesbians, and am not being “sexist” or anything like that. Just though I’d say this before someone pounced on me… >_<

Huh, never heard those lines before. That said she has a thing for Ghalt and apparently had a fling with him.

Oh really? Where is that from - one of her or Ghalt’s lores? I don’t have any of those unlocked yet lol.

Yeah check out her lore “Now I got THEIR BACK”. It’s a convo between her and Ghalt. She makes several advances on him. It’s hardly proof of anything but oddly suggestive in context.