Battleborn ring tones

This was brought up by members in the Dejennerits discord. So i thought i would make a post here to see about any ideas others had.

The main idea was a ringtone with minrec saying “YOU HAVE…A PHONE CALLLLL”.

@JoeKGBX @Jythri what are your guys thoughts of this?


Orendi says " love yaa"

I’m imagining walking down the street when my phone starts singing, “I can smell your spinal fluid!” or, “People are gonna diiiiiiiiiie”

I’d get my mates to call me at opportune times. Yep, want this!

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On Zedge there’s nearly 90

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I know there are some on zedge. Those are just sound bits from the game. I was hoping for more original sayings.

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Oh okay, specifically made, I gotcha. I don’t know of the ease of doing that but I support it

Nova. I want all my phone sounds being lines of Nova.

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I’ve been wanting to set my ringtone to ISIC’s “you think you’re scary? Because I’ll show you scary AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” line.


ISIC’s uncomfortably long laughter during the “I’m not Kleese” dialog in The Algorithm. It would be hilarious.


Use the zedge app. I get anime video game and tv show ring tones all the time. Right now it’s majorly torgue and gir tones. Or record sound bites and then cut them to the length you want

“Any deed. Any Price”

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That would be perfect.

Liberal arts major.


Nova as Siri.

“Oh, you want to know where the closest cafe is? How cute.”


Just with her psychotic lines.

ISIC haveing a monologue that makes you feel bad about not picking up the phone.

Or you know… EL DRAGOOOOOON!

something like “you will have an agonizing death if you dont answer my call”

Let me preface this by saying cool idea and I can’t make any promises one way or the other.

That said…


Seriously though, very cool idea. Foronda (Jim, the voice actor for Minrec, Oscar Mike, and Whiskey) is just type of guy who would get a kick out of this. The dude is genuinely a huge Battleborn fan and has already done some fun “extracurricular” stuff that we hope to get to share with you guys one of these days.


Ahh ringtones…I’ve had mine set to Lost Woods for calls and Opening a Dungeon chest for years. Problem is, I’m not a phone person (I also have it on mute most of the time too) so I hardly get to hear them go off much at all. :’(

Plenty of worthy Battleborn quotes that would make great ringtones or message alerts. Heck I’m sure someone would even use an entire Audio Lore as a ringtone if they could :wink:

“It MUST be Caldarius” would have to be @Ginger_greninja’s one though :wink:


Caldy calls me all the time to talk about Rendain.

I think he thinks I’m his log recorder.

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