Battleborn’s Tower Defense Choices

One of the things you can spend your shards (currency) on in Battleborn is turrets. This feature was shown for like 5 seconds in the gameplay demonstration but this didn’t stop me to dive into the subject.

For the Long story with some speculation yo can check my Battleborn tower defense blog , but for here ill keep it short:

Around three quarters of the gameplay demonstration you could see Oscar Mike building a turret on a construction pad. When first seeing this with my Borderlands set of mind i found this turret building a useless feature to spend your money on. But some time has passed since that moment and after rethinking about this event i think it’s something that can grow big. With Borderlands 2 you placed your turret as Axton and after 30 seconds you would be in the next area, not really a something you would spend money on. But you also didn’t need the Moxxitales in The Pre-sequel unless you weren’t a skilled player. Maybe this is the case for the co-op campaign, just that little boost to help you on your way.

But thinking about the 5 vs 5 multiplayer mode i think these turrets can make all the difference during a gameplay session. If the moba like mode that game informer got to play has some sort of control points (choke points) that can be “captured” by building turrets i think these turrets can really shine and add some strategy to the game.


I took a screenshot from the gameplay demonstration and added some visuals. Currently i know of 3 different turrets that you can build.

  • Standard turret (cost: 800 shards)
  • Healing station
  • Minion Spawn point

in a interview i heard that more turrets will be available in the game but are still unveiled yet. What do you think about these turrets and what would you like to see ?

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@mentalmars Really great recap, my friend! Not too far off here, either! We’ve re-balanced and re-tuned these suckers several times, and right now, they’re pretty important to all of our multiplayer modes.

Recently, we also implemented XXXXXXX for you to spend shards on, making that decision of how to work your econ more interesting. Can’t wait to talk about XXXXXXX. And CSSSSSST. I haven’t forgotten. :slight_smile:

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