Battleborn Sales Are Not Very Impressive

So I’m enjoying battleborn a lot. It’s a lot of fun. But newly gearbox announced that sales have beaten the sales of borderlands 1 slightly. That is not impressive at all. Borderlands 1 didn’t sell very well early. The sales wouldn’t matter as much in battleborn either. Battleborn is a PvP focused game. It needs a strong player base. While borderlands is more of a single player experience. Like 2 million people played the battleborn beta and only 100 000 have bought the game. I fear that Battleborn will die out unless…

What I thought to boost sales would be a relaunch like in July or June where they release the dlc and the game. Plus maybe PlayStation could give battleborn a 20% discount. So if the month isn’t crowded with big AAA titles it would essentially sell well. Especially with the discount and maybe some marketing could boost sale even more. But like I said its not looking too hot for battleborn. I really hope the game sells better in the future so we the community can keep supporting the game.


Yeah, seems sales are slim, but not bad, considering that the Borderlands games got more people the longer they stay out. The community is strong, so it will be a cult classic at worst. I’m enjoying it so far, and I’ve got a pretty decent list of friends.

I do like your idea of the PS3 sale though. That could definitely bolster up numbers some.

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Neither were CS:GO sales when it came out. If Gearbox supports the game well (which it seems they plan to do) it will grow well. There will of course be discounts in the future. Those will bring in new players.


Battleborn wasn’t expected to do AAA shooters numbers. Gearbox knows they have a different game on their hands and like most new MOBAs, it’s going to take a while to catch on.

This will be a word of mouth seller , not flashy advertising seller and that takes time imho.

I know but it should have been a little bit better since 2 million players played the beta. Well I hope the game will catch on

Lots of people will download and play something for free if they can. Even people who never play fps or moba games and have no interest in buying it might play a match or to just to see what’s up. Launches for games always pale in comparison to their Betas.


I wouldn’t look at beta numbers. 9 million tried the Overwatch beta but I doubt that will be first month sales numbers. Anyone will try a free beta , especially if they are on the fence with the game (like a lot were with Battleborn).

Agreed .The SMITE beta is what got me into MOBAs. I had no interest in that genre at all until I tried the beta lol.

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The game just needs more PVE missions with variety and more PVP maps. I love the game and enjoy each of the characters. Honestly I know about 12 people who aren’t buying the game just based on that.

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I don´t see why people care about the sales. GBX/2K should care, because they´ve to pay their employees.
If you enjoy the game and you are no employee of GBX/2K I don´t see why it matters to you or us as gamers.
As we know from BL-series their support for their games was always good, no matter the sales.

It matters because this is not a single player game. The smaller the player base, the longer it’ll take to find matches. If it gets too small, we may not be able to find matches at all.


some want a “bigger” community i assume, personally id rather a small based rather than a large CoD based community where i’d have to mute the team every match in order to hold my sanity.


Not enough Sales = Not enough players online = Longer que times and a nightmare to complete some character lore.


See where you´re coming from, but so far the sales were only running horrible for PC as far as I red/saw.
Things aren´t looking that bad on consoles side (matchmaking runs great, players all day arround, no aimbots, ect…) and I think its a bit rough to predict a sale curve for a game thats 11days old.
Plus: The release date has a big impact on the rate of sales. BB released in spring, while best selling games mostly release around october/november to get christmas customers on boat. I think we´ll see a big increase in sales as soon summer holidays start and another bigger boost before christmas when BB is probably cheaper already.

Of course I hope for a great number of sales, but your equasion seems just a bit to simple for the whole situation. Because if this equasion is right long waitingtimes would only depend on the sale rate.

Is there any point in worrying about that? Either GBX’s plans for the game will work out and establish a working player base or it won’t. Either way, worrying about it won’t change the outcome. Enjoy the game for as long as you can and be pleased if it turns out to he a long time.


I don’t buy the more players = quicker matchmaking argument. That’s true to a certain extent, but there’s a point of diminishing returns where more players won’t increase matchmaking efficiency in a significant way. There are smaller niche games that operate their matchmaking just fine with far fewer players than battleborn has.

The important thing is that the game’s really fun. That’s what matters most if you want to build a player base. That and a friendly community.


I want a bigger community because if gearbox isn’t making money then they will not support the game as well as if its a huge success. Fairly simple.

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Quite a bit of big time popular multiplayers didn’t start out as hits. They started out with a small dedicated community that keep on growing. LoL didn’t start out huge, Dota did not start out huge, Counter Strike did not start out huge.

A large game community isn’t always created at the start, it sometimes grows from a smaller one.


Building a new IP is hard, Borderlands managed to be a succesfull IP through player reccomendation and continued GBX support. Maybe just MAYBE Battleborn can be the same :wink:

The more I play it the more I enjoy and appreciate it. I think the thing with Battleborn is it isn’t just a pick up and play game in the sense Overwatch or COD are. That’s ok, personally I like that, but quick & simple will tend to win over more fans in the short term. I don’t think releasing next to the Overwatch Beta and a week before DOOM helped either.

I do think as long as Gearbox supports the game properly and doesn’t rush out a sequel it will establish itself well. I wasnt wow’d by the Beta but it’s different enough to warrant being given a chance. I gave it one and I don’t regret my choice.