Battleborn sentry not shooting enemies

My team was in our sentry area with no enemy minions and then El dragon, Pendle (uncloaked), and Benedict run into our sentry area on echelon. The sentry was facing them. It just wasn’t shooting them. They were level 3. The sentry should’ve anihilated them.

I’ve yet to see that happen myself - the sentry’s usually a headshotting demon. May have been a one-off bug. If it happens again, submit a support ticket about it. :3

I’ve seen about 5 people die from a sentry. In my entire time on the game. Just 5. The sentry has killed me more times than that. And I don’t even go all the way onto the area.

With all due respect, you need to learn to avoid his LoS more, then. Don’t engage him unless he’s got minions to deal with and other battleborn helping out - or if you must, then do your damage quick and get out of sight again.

He just targets whoever he sees first. I don’t think he has aggro.

Def has aggro of some sort. I have accidentally shot at the sentry with minions in front of me as whisky and immediately have to run the hell out otherwise it 2 shots me. This is most common on monuments though because the sentry has a huge line of sight of you as opposed to echelon where you can just shoot at its legs from a distance

Yeah its weird on Monuments to have a melee dive you under sentry and not get ripped apart by the tower blast.

When usually just standing in the wave next to stairs makes you quickly collect 5 of them.

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This happens when the sentry has already chosen a target, it doesn’t seem to forget about them and choose a new target.

Several times as Orendi, I have been able to aggro the sentry then break LoS while staying in range to keep its attention from safety while others dive or out right beat down the sentry. Then when I peak back out to put a pillar on him he’ll still be shooting at me.

It’s not just the sentry, but turrets have a similar exploitable attention span. I have watched the stinger turret on overgrowth just shoot at the wall next to it for 30 seconds trying to target someone in midfield.

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