Battleborn sequel petition

how’s everybody doing? like a lot of us, i’ve sunk countless hours into battleborn.

i’m highly curious if a sequel may eventually be in the works?

let me be the first person to “sign” yes. psn: saiyanhulk.

feel free to offer your support. take it easy and have a nice weekend. :smile:


Honestly, at first I thought I’d WANT a sequel, but at this point I’d rather have:

One or two (or more) full map size 30 minute length PVP modes a la Incursion or Meltdown with 3 maps for each

A steady stream of new characters

Occassionally increased level caps and new titles

New full length story missions

More Ops

More skins / taunts

I mean, sure, I’d PLAY the crap out of Battleborn 2, but, I dunno, id rather have Gearbox rally HARD and make Borderlands 3 INCREDIBLE and then just keep loving and supporting original Battleborn!

Just my 2 cents!


Im willing to pay 20-50 :smiley: *for a season 2

*Edit: seems like sent it unfinished :sweat:


Battleborn 2 will only meet my approval if I can’t still have my Deande. But I don’t think we are done with the current battleborn just yet even though things are kinda slow right now.

I’m more in favour of a season 2 of DLC rather than a Battleborn 2. Only because I couldn’t bare to part ways with the original cast of Battleborn if they were to make a brand new set of 30 characters, especially Deande, Mellka and Shaurox.


Any resources available for “Battleborn” should be used to correct the current version. I don’t want more, I want better.


What I really want is more content besides ops missions, better balancing, and better, less gimmicky modes that you guys call “fun”.

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Isn’t it too early to make a sequel? Besides, Borderlands 3 might be announced soon.

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I really hope t that gearboc is thinking about a sequel the story can continue

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I was referring to an “eventual” (years away) sequel. souped -up
with the unreal 4 engine.

“after” borderlands 3 is released. I hope that clarifies things a
little better. :wink:


In a few years, hell yes, gimme a sequel. But right now, I want a new Borderlands, and it looks like that dream is going to come true. All we need is a good Duke Nukem game…


what would be “more content for you”?

I think there will be 15 more Borderlands before there is any Battleborn sequel…
If any

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Battleborn will live for ever! But boldur will eventually die!

Atleast i hope so…

shouldnt all battleborn die when the last star goes off by natural causes?

except boldur, he will be there alone in the dark alone

AND Toby!