Battleborn Server Problems

(Darth Huggles) #1

Can’t get a match started, private or public, because players keep getting kicked.

So... when those servers getting fixed
(Tink934) #2

I am getting the same. Last night and today it wouldn’t let me load anything but operations up until a few minutes ago without it saying server access denied. Now it’s giving me authentication failure and internal server errors. Worked perfectly 48 hours ago.


Havent tried it yet, but cheezy mentioned earlier, that the servers are apparently ■■■■■■ today.

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Yeah, there’s a group of us on PC are getting this too - @Arsonist, @Hattie, @Benedict_87 and myself are getting Access denied as soon as the mission is selected.

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I probably shouldnt be included in the listing - im on garbage people internet.

(Tink934) #6

Private stories just started working again for me.

(Wolobahephraim) #7

Yeah, can’t start a game at all

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Worse than ever, today … :dizzy_face:


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Thread moved because this isn’t exactly germane to “News”. Also going to link in:

Is anyone on XB1 having this issue? I haven’t played in quite a while, but I’ll try and sign in tonight to see what’s happening there.

(Not a Lizard Person ) #10

Looking into it now!


Same on xbox1 but isn’t as bad as it is mentioned in here from other platform. Players get disconnect but after 1-2 of those attempts, the match starts. It has been like that for the past 2 days.

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Please i need my fix

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Arigato crow-san

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Sorry to bring bad news, but since yday (Thursday/July/5/2018) the game (I’m looking at you, servers …) has been behaving strangely again:

Map selection and hero selection in public PVP both start, continue, and complete with but 2 or 3 players visible.

For instance, in the first occurence Face-Off match yday we were only 2 players (I + courtneyfilesha senior) visible all through map + hero … while the other 8 were not!

The one benefit would be that it made/makes for some rather entertaining team combos, as we’re unable to detect who’s chosing who as hero … lol

Eventually everybody appears once match gets going, however, this is an issue never encountered before,
at least not by me or the others involved.

Same type problems continue today (Friday).


Too many Oscar Mike's
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Hey @GUNZERKUS, I’ll run this up the flagpole. In the meantime, please submit a ticket to That will help us figure out what’s going on.


(since CTT) #17

Seems to have been solved now (Saturday).

Tx, @MereAtGBX :cherries:

(Not a Lizard Person ) #18

Awesome! We kept an eye on things over the weekend, and it seems like it was a relatively small issue. Glad it’s working for you!