Battleborn Servers Back Online

Hey folks,

The servers are officially back online! Sorry for the delay, we wanted to make sure everything was functioning at full capacity after the update.

If you encounter any issues after jumping back into the game, please contact our support team at!

UPDATE: As thanks for your patience, anyone who logs in between now and Wednesday at 11:59pm CST will receive three Legendary Loot Packs. If you see them in your inventory, they’re supposed to be there :stuck_out_tongue:


Out of likes but cheers and thanks!

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matchmaking seems faster. Of course my first game failed when someone was disconnected before it started so waiting on another team… and there goes somebody from mine. sigh

So many reasons to play today. Pew pew bang bang. :grinning:

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Nit working for me… been trying to play for the last 30 mins but the server just keeps timing out

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