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Battleborn SHiFT Codes - After ‘Free Trial’

What are those symbols??!

:fire: This code was added recently
:no_entry_sign: This code is most likely expired
:white_check_mark: This code should work


August 3rd, from Battleplan 54
:no_entry_sign:Kelvin’s “Phase Transition” Skin - 955TB-FF3ZR-5KCTZ-XKFBB-55K6B

July 8th, from Battleborn Reddit/THiRD SHiFT
:no_entry_sign:Kelvin’s “Matter and Form” Cyber skin - SKK33-J6BZ6-55WJH-XC6J3-FJRHW

July 3rd, from Battleborn Facebook
:no_entry_sign:Caldarius’ J-HTX-C “Cosmos” Gold skin - SKCBJ-XKTZR-KWW3S-FCRTJ-RHT9F
:no_entry_sign:El Dragón’s “Plancha” Cyber skin - SW5BB-H53S6-KWKTZ-XCRJT-H9TWC
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: These SHiFT codes expire July 18

June 20th, from Battleborn Stream/Battleplan 51
:no_entry_sign:“Battle Buddies” Title - 9KKBB-WCTZF-KW5J9-RCFJT-JW93S

June 6th, from Battleborn Stream
:no_entry_sign:“Dunkster” Title - SWKTB-356W6-ZC3JS-XK6T3-HJ3CX
:no_entry_sign:“Hero’ Found” Title - H5KJT-93R56-SKTB9-F5FBJ-TC39Z

How to use SHiFT codes

To redeem, at the Battleborn Main Menu select Options and Extras, then Extras, then SHiFT. For help visit http://support.gearboxsoftware.com or ask here, Battleborn's awesome community will help you :)

Battleborn SHiFT Codes - Before 'Free Trial' - all expired


ALL CODES BELOW ARE REPORTED AS EXPIRED SINCE ‘FREE TRIAL’ UPDATE - no update from developers yet. Possibly disabled permanently.

→Latest Codes

Here you can find codes added in the latest thread update (date in title)
These codes are already present in main list below

  • 955BB-3KBS6-CWCJS-XKXJJ-KKH6J - Legendary Loot Pack

  • 9WK33-S3BH6-CK5TS-6WF3T-SKHJJ - Golden skin for Galilea - “Destruction” skin

→PAX WEST 2016 PACK (Home Edition)

  • Released: September 2nd
  • Expiration: Unknown
  • Source: PAX WEST 2016 GBX Panel
  • Includes: 10,000 credits and 6 Loot Packs

→Loot Packs

  • 955BB-3KBS6-CWCJS-XKXJJ-KKH6J - Legendary Loot Pack

  • Released: April 27 :fire:

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Source: Battleplan 48

  • 9CWTT-5SZT6-HCJJZ-RWRJ3-JR9BX - LLC Commander Pack and Legendary Gear Pack

  • Released: October 20th/21st

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • SCKTT-FKXJX-S5B39-FW63T-3T9RS - UPR Loot Pack

  • Released: August 29th

  • Expiration: No Expiration Date

  • Source: Twitter


* **9WK33-S3BH6-CK5TS-6WF3T-SKHJJ** - Golden skin for Galilea - "Destruction" skin * **Released:** April 13, 2017 :fire: * **Source:** [Battleplan 47](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/battleplan-47-4-13-17/1559752) * **Expiration:** Unknown
  • SCWJ3-XBBZR-WWCTS-X5RT3-T5BR5 - Cyber skin for Mellka - “Lone Wolf” skin

  • Released: March 30, 2017

  • Source: Battleplan 45

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • SK53J-53BZ6-5CCJS-XKR33-HSJBR - Golden skin for Phoebe - “Experimentalist” skin

  • Released: February 16th, 2017

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • 9W5JT-9HSRF-5K53Z-X5RBT-J6B5S - Alani’s “Atramental” skin

  • Released: January 26th, 2017

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • HCWJJ-6H9XR-W5WB9-65XJT-X6WR3 - Golden skin for Whiskey Foxtrot - “It’s Premium Foxtrot!” skin

  • Released: January 13th, 2017

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • ZK5J3-5SZ6X-KC539-XWF3B-6BKBS - Golden skin for Beatrix - “Chrysochelator” skin

  • Released: January 10th, 2017

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • ZKKBT-RRSFR-WCW39-F5FJT-RHCKB - Golden skin for Kleese - “Business Class” skin

  • Released: December 8th

  • Source: Winter Update Stream Notes

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Z5KJT-SKZRF-CKCTH-XW6B3-CSTFS - Cyber skin for Ernest - “falcon” skin

  • Released: November 17th/18th

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • 9CWTT-3CHF6-WWCJ9-XK6TB-SJJZK - Golden skin for Toby - “Aww, Someone’s dressed up!”

  • Released: November 3rd/4th

  • Expiration: December 15th - STILL VALID!!!

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • 9KCJT-JHHJ6-ZCTJH-RKFT3-ZRWSX - Golden skin for Kid Ultra - Baron Xavier, Solar Savior Skin

  • Released: October 20th/21st

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • 95C3J-WJZXX-KCKJZ-6WR3T-TJJSK - Golden skin for Attikus - Fort Knocks Skin

  • Released: October 13th/14th

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Source: Gearbox Twitter

  • 9CCBB-59FRX-55WBS-RCRJJ-HXBSJ - Golden skin for Boldur #GoldurSkin

    • Released: September 29th/30th
    • Expiration: Unknown
    • Source: Gearbox Twitter
  • HCK3J-9RRRR-C5WJH-RKR3J-T56HC - Golden skin for Oscar Mike - Tango Tango skin

  • Released: September 20th

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Source: Gearbox Forums

  • ZK5JJ-396RX-WWK3H-RW6TT-BSSH5 - Cyber skin for Whiskey Foxtrot - It’s Collectible Foxtrot! skin

  • Released: September 20th

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Source: Gearbox Forums

  • SWKTB-356W6-XC5RJ-XK6T3-HJ333 - Golden skins for Benedict, ISIC, and Shayne & Aurox

  • Released: June 3rd

  • Expiration: Unknown

  • Source: Battleborn Official Website


New codes are marked with :fire:, thread will be updated with new codes when they will be released.
(This may take few minutes/hours/days because reasons)

To redeem, at the Battleborn Main Menu, select Extras then SHiFT Code.
For help and assistance with SHiFT and / or Battleborn, visit: http://support.gearboxsoftware.com/

Expired SHiFT Codes

  • Battleborn Unlocks

[Toby - Battleborn Unlock]
Z5WJT-W5ZRR-CKWB9-FCFT3-BR9KF - November 10th, 2016 (Useless since Winter Update)
[Attikus - Battleborn Unlock]
Z5KJT-S3R6H-T3SBJ-T3BBB-B5WSS - October 13th, 2016 (Useless since Winter Update)

  • Special SHiFT Codes

[Oscar Mike “Tango Tango” skin, Whiskey Foxtrot “It’s Collectible Foxtrot!” skin, 24hr 3XP Booster]
H5W3J-5X6FX-KKKB9-RKFTT-9XRC9 - September 17th, 2016 (Expired on September 19th)
[Oscar Mike “Tango Tango” skin AND the Rath “A Dark Night” skin] - PLAY W/ THE DEVS #1
S5CBJ-KKCXK-SWCR3-XKX3J-5R3RW - June 25th, 2016 (Expired on June 27th)

  • Battleborn Skins

[Pendles “Constrictor” Golden Skin]
9C5B3-STJJF-ZCWFJ-6CFT3-ZW6FH - July 28th, 2016 (Expired on August 8th)
[Ernest ‘Eagle’ Golden Skin]
9K5BJ-BTWBC-K3WTS-FWF33-KSK9F - August 18th, 2016 (Expired on Septemer 15th)

  • Epic Loot Packs

HWWBT-3ZTHC-SWCRJ-F563J-FSHJC - August 9th, 2016 (Expired on August 14th)
ZCKTJ-XFBSK-Z5WXT-FKXTT-HCZB9 - August 1st, 2016 (Expired on August 14th)
SWW3J-XTHH5-9WKRB-FCFTB-FF6HK - July 8th, 2016 (Expired on August 7th)
ZKKBT-Z5XCC-S55X3-FW6JT-3JBZT - July 1st, 2016 (Expired on July 19th)
SC5BB-ZWHHH-RWWRB-6KXBT-BCSHZ - May 20th, 2016 (Expired on June 6th)
HWC3B-6XZ99-FK5RJ-RWXTJ-6XBX3 - May 20th, 2016 (Expired on June 6th)

  • Rare Loot Packs

S5KB3-SZ5WK-SCWF3-RWRTJ-6WXZR - June 7th, 2016 (Expired on July 3rd)
ZKC3B-ST65K-9CW63-6KXB3-XSKWB - June 27th, 2016 (Expired on July 3rd)
SCWBJ-TFSSH-X556T-6KXTT-R5ZHH - June 5th, 2016 (Unknown) - could be still active

  • Uncommon Loot Packs

HKWJB-6CX5C-SCW6T-RWFBJ-TCB9X - June 22nd, 2016 (Expired on July 10th)
S5WT3-BBXCC-9KWRJ-RKX3T-3BZF5 - June 17th, 2016 (Expired on July 10th)




“Sorry, but the code you entered cannot be redeemed.”

UPD: It worked when I copy-pasted them from the Facebook pages. I guess it copies something extra from these forums, rendering the code incorrect.

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Same does not work on PS4 in the UK. Maybe it’s region specific?

OK Scratch that, you have to keep spamming submit, then eventually the servers will accept it.

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Yoo thats dope :sunglasses:

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It actually works either way, sometimes you just need to spam submit as @Moody says. Not sure why it does that, hopefully its going to be fixed soon :smiley:

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Oooo~ got a legendary from it

(^That may be a horrifically bad legendary, but if description of the bonus effect mean what i think it does then if i have a regen gear i could be immune to CC? O3o… I’m unsure)


I also got a legendary

Oddly so did I! Not too sure how good it’ll be.


21% reload speed and 10% shield penetration is nice =3=
But it’ll probably be about as useful as most legendaries. >3<
particularly when you could find a purple with a negative that gives the same basic stats for only 500-700 crystals

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Sounds really good to me.


I picked that up early on and can attest to it’s awesomeness.

I have it for my Ghalt, he is the Engineer, after all.

Also got one :smiley:

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Try that on rath with more cd gear and get his shield regen on crossblade. Exploding space samurai!


Wow ! Cool, many thanks !

No legendary fo me. But I did get a skill damage/movement speed epic that I was after.

That sounds great for Deande, along with the legendary that gives you overcharge on a full charge. Does Overshield boost her Burst Dash damage? (A helix breaks the shield, dealing half its strength as damage.)

I wonder if it’d work on overshields.

Also got a legendary, shadoculars
Thanks for the free stuff GBX!


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