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(Maskerader) #153

Worked on second try.

(shuttle127) #154

Saw on Twitter that they extended the date for the epic code to Aug 14th … still took me 5+ tries to get it on PS4, but it worked eventually. First few times it gave an error message and then magically it kicked me out of the Submit screen and said it worked! :smiley:

(Alchemyforever) #155

i entered the epic pack code from august 1 but it says code redemption failed idk if that means i put it in wrong or what

(Jan S.) #156

Try it again (and keep trying few times, it should eventually work)

(Alchemyforever) #157

yea i got them to work i just had to enter them how you were supposed to because before it let me enter the codes all in one box

(Jan S.) #158

Confirmed in today’s Battleplan - SHiFT code for Pendles Gold Skin expires on 8th August!

(Jan S.) #159

New SHiFT code for Epic Loot Pack added to the OP - don’t be afraid to share what did you get! :wink:

(wisecarver) #160

It worked but I got another mean joke :wink:

(President of Jellybeans) #161

At least its a perfect mean joke.

(wisecarver) #162

…Humor is better than loot in my world :smile:

(shuttle127) #163

At least it’s a joke at all. I can’t even fathom screenshotting what I got in mine (think slim to nothing where slim was on the first planet consumed by the Varelsi).


[Public Service Announcement slash idea!]
Now that we know that Lootpocalypse is a thing maybe we should start hording these epic loot packs until the next Lootpacalypse event when they have a significantly higher chance of dropping legendary gear. So given that we didn’t have to spend any credits to get them maybe the urgency to open them immediately will be tempered.

Just a thought.

(Jan S.) #165


**SHiFT codes added:** • Ernest Golden Skin

SHiFT codes moved into archive
• Pendles Golden Skin
• Epic Loot Pack (x3)

Also almost 30k views! Thanks :slight_smile:

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(wisecarver) #166

…It worked! On second try :wink:

(Jan S.) #167

Worked on third for me :smiley:
@JoeKGBX Any word on further updating SHiFT in Battleborn? :slight_smile:

(Ulithium_Dragon) #168

They really aren’t doing that many SHIFT codes for Battleborn…

I mean in contrast both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 1.5 were spitting out something like 3-5 codes PER WEEK! XD

(Jan S.) #169

Hopefully Battleborn will get some fresh ones soon :smiley:

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #170

So I’m SOL for those skins?

That hurts, bro.

That hurts.

(Is this thing on?) #171

For now, yes. In the long term? Probably not.


How is there seriously a skin code for Ernest? Hes not even out yet. Lmao