💥Battleborn SHiFT Code HQ💥 - Loot Packs, Skins & Titles! (Updated August 3!🔥)

I had to submit about a dozen times before it went through as of 6:45am EST. September 6th.

Can you post the pax twitch stream codes that I heard about in the battle plan? Twitch keep crashing on me.

Check the first post, the first code.

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As @laverdieremanu said, it’s the very first SHiFT code, highlighted with blue text :slight_smile:

They said the twitch stream from the last battle plan was different from the pax east it wasn’t released until a week after pax wasn’t it

The codes are the ones from PAX WEST, which are the ones posted in the OP and were mentioned in the stream of the GBX panel from that event. It’s the same twitch stream referenced as a Twitch archive in the most recent battle plan and was advertised ahead of time in the previous one. Hope that clears things up!

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Yes very much so thank you. Now I know I didn’t miss anything since I already used that code.

Play w/ the Devs #2 SHiFT code is avaible from today (and has been added to the OP!)
If the code doesn’t work for you, keep trying!

Other stuff: I’ve removed Ernest SHiFT code as it’s expired and I’m changing some date stuff in Archive…


still trying to get it accepted :confused:

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I’m having issues myself too. It’s one of those things that should’ve been fixed already


Um yeah I’m getting sick of these non working shift problems. This better be accepted before it expires.

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Can we get a working Shift code? I’ve been submitting for an hour with no luck

Correction: I got the triple XP but no skins.

Its just the exp, those skins were already released iirc

The Mike one was, but the Foxtrot one wasn’t.

Overshield isn’t depleted my skills that drain shields for damage.

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On a related note, SHiFT doesn’t reflect me redeeming the code, it just gave me the XP boost. However, now the code returns “cannot be redeemed.” So I’m really confused and annoyed at this point.

My code isnt working for some reason.

Shift code worked after clicking for 10 minutes.
Seemed like the data server was throttled.

Aw come on, the code continuously said it didn’t work, then I see the countdown in the command but I have no new skins! The skin was what I was waiting for! :sob: