💥Battleborn SHiFT Code HQ💥 - Loot Packs, Skins & Titles! (Updated August 3!🔥)

I’ve filed many a support ticket and a couple of times they said the same to me. So I checked the game files and the problems persisted; so I let them know that. They accepted the tickets w/o further issue. Therefore I suggest you do check the game files then reply to them letting them know that you did and it didn’t fix the issue(s).

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Hey guys!
Here’s UPR Pack SHiFT Code: SCKTT-FKXJX-S5B39-FW63T-3T9RS

Just to let you know, because the lack of active SHiFT codes, I’m going to rework OP.
It’s OK for when there are 4+ active codes, but meh when less. That’s the reason why I’m posting this code here
(I really don’t want to let you guys miss any code :smiley: )

edit: OP reworked.


Got an Ernest skin out if the pack. Nice.

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(500 coins) + (Sluggish Rifleman) + (Veterans’s Enr-G)

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(going to update OP soon…busy watching stream :smiley: )

Code added into OP 3rd September, 2:10pm CEST


Now THIS is what i’m talking about

5 Command Packs (one for each Faction) and 1 Legendary pack woo!

I wish I was at Pax :confused: for the juiced up version llol


This code is for 10k credits, 5 command packs and 1 Legendary pack?

What’s the juiced up version? Maaaaaan.

3 Legend packs, 15 Command Packs, and mo’ credits I think lol

Well, that IS juiced up. But I’ll take the home version and smile while doing so!

Tip of the cap to GBX!

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Are you guys getting the latest stream code to work on PS4? I’ve tried upwards of 100 times and it continues to say cannot be redeemed. Tried both during and after the stream, no dice. After 10 failures I was even kicked out of the Shift interface back to the main BB screen. Then, after 65 it even anticipated my submission and told me it failed before I actually clicked the button. Got a few rounds of Paradise in and then came back for another crack … still not allowing me to redeem. Grrrr…

I wish I was there JUST for that code. Man, I want all the cool and fancy stuff. DX
It feels so unfair… But at least we got something… ;p

Why don’t they just give that to everyone?

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They gave a code with a smaller (yet still beefy and awesome) bonus to those who didn’t go to Pax. The beefier codes for the Pax-Goers is to show their thanks to those who went out of their way to attend in person, I think it’s fine.


But some of use simply CAN’T go there. I really wish they’d just give it to all their fans. But whatevs, I’ll get over it… In a few months, or years…

Exactly, why don’t they give the better code to everyone?

I can understand a small bit that they’re trying to generate interest in the game–but it’s also a snub to their playerbase.

Can’t they just give the equal amount to everyone?


I’ve tried many times, the beefy code from PAX doesn’t seem to work for me on Xbox One (I’ve gotten all codes to work in the past). Has anyone successfully used this code on Xbox One?

I got it to work on first try. (Xbox)

Hmm, I tried probably 25 times (including after turning off the game)