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(Bori ) #244

No cyber skin?

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(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #245

Ah shift codes on the weekend… Gearbox is busy playing the game.


(Drew) #246

I still have 50 hours left on my 5-day 2xp booster. Does anyone know if I use this shift code now will it stack, overwrite, or disappear all together with the booster already active? Or should I just wait and hope to remember to do it Monday morning before it expires?


(¡Apagando las luces!) #247

It stacks.

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(nosh05) #248

Been trying all afternoon to evening still not accepting


(Master of Lore) #249

Guys… I think the XP boost is worth more than 3 Times.

A Match that ends due to time will give 200 and a little ( think it’s 4)

With XP times two it was 400

With XP boost from the shift code it’s 1000

Did this to boost my friends char Ranks, but it cannot be a combination of that and another booster, cause he doesn’t use them.

So how is that possible? It’s neat, but didn’t seem intended so I thought I mention it.

The Code worked for me after a few times… it had the “Sorry, this Code cannot be redeemed”, message so don’t trust that and keep spamming it

I’m so glad I can use OMG now, it’s really nice :grimacing:


(maledicus) #250

[XBOX ONE] September 17th shift -code is not accepted, no matter how often i tried now.

Best regards.


(Ulithium_Dragon) #251

Someone mentioned this on this forums before: use lowercase letters.

I have no clue why this works (it really shouldn’t be case-sensitive), but after smacking “submit” and having it fail like 50+ times, I tried lowercase and it worked instantly…



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(Jan S.) #252

Not sure if it was because of this, but it finally worked after 5 tries using your lowercase code.
Can’t confirm on deny it, since I just went to sleep and used it now.
Still - it worked, I’m happy, and if some of you still can’t get your code to work, try it, there’s nothing to lose :slight_smile:


(Bori ) #253

Still waiting for that cyber skin


(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #254

I never “worked”, tried 20 times last night, but I have 800h of Xp bonus… I’m sure it will all be resolve soon.


(GreyWarden007) #255

I’ve entered this code every way it can be entered and it still says “Sorry.” Can you suggest who I should contact?


(Jan S.) #256

@GreyWarden007 Try to create a ticket here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
@laverdieremanu Seems like I’m one of a few that got it working and received “only” 24 hours (would exchange that whiskey skin to receive that 800 hours tbh :smiley: )

EDIT: Latest official word on this was:


(GreyWarden007) #257

Thanks for the reply. Checked command and I got the triple xp so I’m happy. Have two characters left to get to 15.


(badguy5 on YouTube) #258

done. created.


(<Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action>) #259

I also didn’t get the WF skin (had the OM skin from the first event), although that didn’t surprise me from what I’ve read here. Going to create a ticket for that later.

But I noticed a pattern in the amount of Bonus Experience: It seems like you get 24 hours XP boost every time you even try to redeem the code.
I didn’t notice that until mine was up to about eleven days. While very funny at first glance, I’m not so sure what GBX will do about that but I can’t imagine they will let us run around with 900+ hours of Bonus XP. :smile:

Just thought I’d share it in case they decide to let us keep the accidental bonus.


(Jan S.) #260

Didn’t work for me :smiley: (my luck is so bad that even this kind of bug doesn’t work for me :smiley: )


(maledicus) #261

[XBOX ONE] Some update from my side, i constantly get the - code cannot be redeemed -thing, but i see the 3XP actived in the command menue, i got the OM skin weeks ago … but i don’t get the WF skin with the actual shift-code.

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(How much time do we have?) #262

Not working at all for me either, even thought I got lucky with the last three codes and they went through first time. Sometimes the failure notice comes straight away (~1 sec), others it seems to take ~5 secs. Multiple failed attempts. Case of the characters does NOT make any difference: whoever switched to lower case and had it work must have just been lucky :frowning:


(AttnDefDis) #263

I’m sorry, but these codes with the super short windows are dumb. Just my opinion.